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Verb for someone who is a miser.

I'm trying to think of a synonym for 'to hoard,' or 'to stockpile,' but with more of a negative connotation. Like selfishly, and possibly illegally, hoarding resources for oneself during times of... more
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What is a word that simultaneously means "weirdly coincidental," "apropos," and "timely"?

The word can be from any language at all. But if there is one in English, that's slightly more helpful.


What are better adjectives for the word "great" that I can incorporate into both former papers and my daily speech?

The word great is an adjective that has two functions. It can either mean above average in intensity, amount or extent. Great can also mean above average in ability or quality. Here are some... more


Differences between "bitter," "acrimonious" and "astringent." Why isn't it appropriate to describe an argument as "astringent"?

>After having ___ arguments virtually every other day,the couple agreed that it was best for them to separate.>A) bitter>B) saturnine>C) astringent>D) effulgent>E)... more


Below are few words who appear extremly simple but have altogether very different meaning?

Broadside: it means "Verbal Attack"Aboveboard: means "Honest"Underwrite: means "Financial support"Can you please help me understand what are these called?I am aware of Homonyms and Homophones but... more


Polite/professional alternative to 'It turns out'?

I have been tasked with coming up with a nicer phrase to use than 'It turns out'. It is to be used in situations like this one: > - 'It turns out' that we cannot... - 'It turns out' that we... more


Is there a word that means news or delivering news or searching for news that starts with "s"?

I am looking for a word that means news or related to news that starts with "s". Are there such words? Thanks.
Synonyms Esl/esol Speech


Log a ticket or Lodge a ticket?

I am not a native English speaker. I work in IT and we have a kind of ticketing system to track reported issues. I am not sure whether it is correct to ask people to file a ticket by saying... more

Is "diversified" really a suitable translation for what Germans call "abwechslungsreich"?

I need a word to describe a meeting or conference or other event which was the opposite of boring due to the variation of activities there.* German language has *abwechslungsreich*, literally... more
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Correspond to vs. Correspond with?

Is there any significant difference between `Correspond to` and `Correspond with`? I only mean in the sense of "matching", here, rather than "communication". I've looked at a few sources, but I... more
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Alternative expressions for "Our university is strong in [medicine, languages, social sciences, etc.]"?

This is in the context of a university president verbally promoting the departments in his university which are nationally or internationally competitive. One way, although I admit it is a bit... more


Is it true that にしたって is the colloquial form of にしたところで?

I've been thinking if it is true that にしたって is the colloquial form of にしたところで. In other words, are the bottom two sentences identical in meaning and nuance? 1)... more


ならば vs なら. both are totally interchangeable without affecting the nuance of the sentence?

is it true that なら is merely a short form of ならば and as such, both are totally interchangeable without affecting the nuance of the sentence? Also, a second question is is ならば more "formal" than... more


what's the difference between ところで and ちなみに ?

what's the difference between ところで and ちなみに ? Are they always/often/seldom interchangeable?
Synonyms Reading


Words related to reading?

Can anyone please pile up the words related to reading?e.g read,browse and peruse. simple explanation of the words welcome. Thanks


What's the difference between くる and やってくる?

Can someone explain the nuance between them? They both mean "come", but I'm unsure of when they are interchangeable. My perception is that `やってくる` seems to put more emphasis on the actual action of... more


Word for "studying a research article to get the most out of it"?

From the Word web dictionary:> Study: Consider indetail and subject to an analysis inorderto> discover essential features or meaningParticularly, I am looking for a word (synonym of 'study')... more


Are there any differences between "I believe" vs "I think" vs "I reckon"?

These are the three most common ways to say "I think." (At least, I believe so. I mean, I think so. Um...)Are there any subtle differences between them? Are there situations where one of the three... more


Japanese Buts: でも, しかし, ただ, ただし, ところが, が, けど, けれど, けれども?

I'm sure someone asked a similar question but I did a search and couldn't find any. Usually I just translate everything into but, but (no pun intended) I think it's about time I got into the nitty... more


What are the differences between "bekommen", "erhalten", "entgegennehmen", "empfangen", "besorgen" and "kriegen"?

Do they all mean *to receive* or *to obtain*? What are the differences in the use of these words?


Avoiding stuffy language: "Therefore", "Thus"?

In my thesis, I'm using "thus" and "therefore" a lot. This is repetitive and it sounds stuffy. Is there any alternative which sounds a bit more relaxed but is acceptable in scientific writing? "So"... more


Is there a difference between 'Gegenstand', 'Sache', 'Ding', and 'Dinge'?

Is there a difference between 'Gegenstand', 'Sache', 'Ding', and 'Dinge'? Can we use them interchangeably?


What is the difference between “der Zug” and “die Bahn”?

What is the difference between *der Zug* and *die Bahn* (besides the gender of course)? When should one be used and not the other?

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