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What are the best ways to learn a foreign language?

What activities can I do to learn English quickly while having fun?
Conversation Language Vocabulary Grammar


Becoming conversational in Spanish

How long will it take for me to become conversational in Spanish?
Conversation Grammar Esl/esol Speech


Is "Where do you sit?" correct for asking someone where their workspace is?

At work, if I had to ask someone where exactly they worked, as in where their workspace/cubicle is, what should I say? Is "where do you sit?" the usual thing to say? I'm from India and hear this... more


Are there any rules for missing words in English questions or affirmative statements?

In some sentences we don't use some words: For example: 1. Instead of: "Do you want a ride?" We say: "Want a ride?" 2. Instead of: "I'm just coming. Hang on!" We say: "Just coming.... more
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I started studying Korean at 32. I'm 34 and still terrible. Is it possible to learn in your 30s?

Despite studying for 2 years and being in a relationship with a native speaker for all that time (she's fluent in English too) I still can't effectively communicate in the language. Basic stuff... more
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The way to ask if "everything is done and I can leave"?

For example, you go to the social security office to replace the lost SSN card. The government workers examined all your materials, and after some time they give you something back. However, they... more
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How can I improve my speaking?

When I speak I use a small vocabulary, even though I know a lot more than that. Those words tend to be vague and boring. I know other alternatives for those words, although it doesn't come out... more
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I says' in spoken English?

Is it popular to use 'I says' in conversations in spoken English? Especially when we talk about the past in the present. - "Hey, John do you remember Linda?" - "Yeh" - "We were talking... more


How often do people say "gotta", "wanna" or "gonna" in English speaking countries?

I learned these three words from *Collins Cobuild Advanced Learner's English Dictionary*. > * got|ta /g'ɒtə/ > Gotta is used in written English to represent the words 'got to' when they are... more
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How much faster(in miles per hour) is the tip of the blade than the base of the blade?

Full problem: It takes 4.5 second a for a windmill to make a rotation. Each blade extends 116 feet from the central hub that is 6 feet in diameter. How much faster(in miles per hour) is the tip of... more

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