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How many "monophthongs" are there in RP? Do all the varieties of spoken English in the UK have the same number?

>A monophthong is a pure vowel sound. The monophthongs can be contrasted with diphthongs, where the vowel quality changes within the same syllable, and hiatus, where two vowels are next to each... more


Arabic sin and shin sounds in Classical times?

What sounds did س and ش‎ make in (early) Classical Arabic?I have heard that maybe they were not [s] and [ʃ]. Is that a widely accepted truth? If that's true, what is the evidence for that?
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Gulf Arabic vowels allophones?

No matter how much I browse, I cannot find any true researcher's really precise and accurate data on the issue. Actually, I cannot find any Gulf Arabic Phonology compendium, so any help will be... more


Term for toddler-mispronounced words?

Is there a single-word equivalent to "child speech"? A term that would convey that a toddler, still learning the language, has mispronounced a word?


How exactly do the sounds of Arabic "ﻕ" and Georgian "ყ" differ?

The Arabic letter `ﻕ` and the Georgian letter `ყ` are often described as being similar, also they are both transliterated using `q`.> ... the Georgian letter ყ is difficult for most Westerners... more


What is it called when words are deliberately spelled incorrectly but pronunciation is kept unchanged?

For example, > Night -> Nite > Through -> Thru > The -> Da > Though -> Tho _Nite_ even appears in some dictionaries as having the same meaning as _night_.What is it called... more

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