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Arabic sin and shin sounds in Classical times?

What sounds did س and ش‎ make in (early) Classical Arabic?I have heard that maybe they were not [s] and [ʃ]. Is that a widely accepted truth? If that's true, what is the evidence for that?


Gulf Arabic vowels allophones?

No matter how much I browse, I cannot find any true researcher's really precise and accurate data on the issue. Actually, I cannot find any Gulf Arabic Phonology compendium, so any help will be... more


Term for toddler-mispronounced words?

Is there a single-word equivalent to "child speech"? A term that would convey that a toddler, still learning the language, has mispronounced a word?


How exactly do the sounds of Arabic "ﻕ" and Georgian "ყ" differ?

The Arabic letter `ﻕ` and the Georgian letter `ყ` are often described as being similar, also they are both transliterated using `q`.> ... the Georgian letter ყ is difficult for most Westerners... more


What is it called when words are deliberately spelled incorrectly but pronunciation is kept unchanged?

For example, > Night -> Nite > Through -> Thru > The -> Da > Though -> Tho _Nite_ even appears in some dictionaries as having the same meaning as _night_.What is it called... more

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