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Single Word Requests Grammar Pronouns


What do you call "that" or "where"?

For words that sit as placeholders for other words (and introduce subordinate clauses), is there a name?For example,>The quick brown fox __that__ jumped over the lazy dog.>The man __who__... more
Single Word Requests Esl/esol Speech Expressions


Word for a sudden flow of ideas? Is 'brainwave' good enough?

Imagine you are thinking about a problem you need to solve, nothing's coming to mind, and all of a sudden you get a dozen different ideas at once. Is there a word that expresses this ***sudden flow... more
Single Word Requests Esl/esol Speech


What do we call people with whom we have occasional daily interaction in terms of services?

I mean for example people like the hostel caretaker, the cook at the workplace, the taxi driver, the milkman etc. What can we call all these people? I meant to say that we need to have a good... more
Single Word Requests German Translation Synonyms


Is "diversified" really a suitable translation for what Germans call "abwechslungsreich"?

I need a word to describe a meeting or conference or other event which was the opposite of boring due to the variation of activities there.* German language has *abwechslungsreich*, literally... more
Single Word Requests Esl/esol Speech Phrases


What does "Rabbit" mean on 1st of June?

My english teacher told me, that is common in England to say "Rabbits" on the 1st of june. What does it mean? where does this tradition come from? Does the people say it only on the 1st of... more
Single Word Requests Esl/esol Speech


Most concise way to describe information not guaranteed to be accurate? Missing or assumed details at fault?

You may experience people doing this intentionally (to some extent) in law, politics, religion, or many different areas where they speak vaguely so that they are correct in at least one... more
Single Word Requests Grammar Verbs


A word to describe the action of rendering a harmful person powerless?

I'm looking for a word to describe rendering a person powerless, for example somebody who is causing some grief to a group, and you are able to say something that destroys their argument and leaves... more
Single Word Requests English Books


Book Publication Data Page?

In an English-language book, we conventionally have, among the first few pages, a page displaying essential data concerning the book: Library of Congress Cataloguing Data, various credits,... more
Single Word Requests English Books


Word for books of sarcastic type?

Is there a a specific word for a book with a sarcastic theme? I am thinking of writing a book on the world of magic of witches and warlocks but in reality it is making fun of their beliefs. For... more
Single Word Requests Writing


A word that combines the feeling of euphoria and intense, bone-deep fear?

I'm trying to describe a god through the eyes of a devout follower. I've tried using *awesome* because I tend to use it for scenarios like this (ie. describing something beautiful and horrifying),... more
Single Word Requests Esl/esol Speech Word Usage


What do you call private and public boxes where letters are put?

According to Cambridge dictionary, in US, a `mailbox` is a box outside a person's house where letters are put, but in UK, it's a box in the street or other public place in which you can put letters... more
Single Word Requests Esl/esol Speech Phonetics


Term for toddler-mispronounced words?

Is there a single-word equivalent to "child speech"? A term that would convey that a toddler, still learning the language, has mispronounced a word?
Single Word Requests Esl/esol Speech


How do teens in Northern England greet each other?

Do they say "hi" or "hey" or "hello", or what do they say when they meet someone they know on the street?
Single Word Requests Reading Expressions


Expression/word for reading a book quickly?

Is there an expression or word that describe the action of reading a book very quickly or enthusiastically?
Single Word Requests English Meaning Writing Style


What is it called when words are deliberately spelled incorrectly but pronunciation is kept unchanged?

For example, > Night -> Nite > Through -> Thru > The -> Da > Though -> Tho _Nite_ even appears in some dictionaries as having the same meaning as _night_.What is it called... more
Single Word Requests English Terminology Writing Style


Bringing word into existence just by calling and using it?

Sometimes, when I read essays, I see that writers make up words and by using them, they bring those words into existence.For example: >In her article ***"Juban America"***, Ruth Behar uses the... more
Single Word Requests Vocabulary Reading Meaning


What is the word for words that oppose all the things they describe?

I am looking for a word but I'm not sure if it's a real word or if I just don't know it. I am discussing George Orwell's novel, *1984*, and how the titles oppose all the things they describe. For... more
Single Word Requests Esl/esol Speech American English


Is there a word that captures the different moods and ways a word can be pronounced in?

I am looking for a way to categorize these different ways a given word can be said to convey completely different emotions in different contexts, and I feel like there is some proper term for it... more
Single Word Requests English Writing Style


What's it called when someone starts a well-known saying but doesn't finish it?

Often times in a TV show that I watch and love, Supernatural, the big bads use quotes and sayings to further their point. For example, Crowley, the current King of Hell at the time, replied to... more

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