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Why is this poem by Paul Auster entitled "Spokes"?

The poem "Spokes" by Paul Auster (of which you can read the first few verses [here](https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poetrymagazine/browse?contentId=32184), or the whole poem... more


Is "Even so, we’ll keep walking" a valid sentence as a book title?

I was struggling to find a good title for a fiction I write, and a found this sentence in the english subtitles of a song. I'd like to know if it's a valid sentence as a standalone, or if it needs... more


How do I style book titles in a block of italicized text?

Book titles, among others, are commonly written in italics. "She had read this quote in Pride and Prejudice." But what should I do if a title appears in a block of text that is already italicized,... more


What do you call the process of formally addressing someone by using honorifics?

My native language is Macedonian, and in my language, we have a special term that describes the process of formally addressing someone. The idea is that you treat that person in plural instead of... more


Where can I find a list of capitalisation rules for pure British writing?

Is there any quality English orthography book that contains rules for capitalising in pure British English? I’ve noticed that an American newspaper capitalises every word in the title of an article... more
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What is this book called?

Its about a girl who had just lost a sister, her grandmother believes a plant signifies her health, there is a bed in the middle of a forest, and the grandmother has a garden with a legend about it... more

I have to come up with a title for my 3-8 minute speech on chocolate.

I need a catchy title for my speech, and have thought of incorporating "the key to happiness" in it. My speech includes a brief history of chocolate and a bit about chocolate today, but it is... more

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