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Why is most North American speech rhotic?

Most North American speech is rhotic—why is that? Does it come from the early English settlers or perhaps from the Irish settlers?


See you all or "see you everyone"?

When leaving from work, how to say "see you" to colleagues? Which one is appropriate, "see you all" or "see you everyone"?

Punctuation of "what?" in the middle of a sentence?

I'm transcribing an interview and the man says, >"There were, what, 4,000 people at the concert." I'm not sure how to properly punctuate this. He's asking "What?" in the middle of the sentence... more
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Some words in The Boy at Mugby?

I'm trying to read my way through _The Boy at Mugby_ by Charles Dickens. The story is written in an 'accented' language, and there are a few words I'm having trouble making out: (The text excerpts... more


What is the sentence that is said before the real statement, to let the other person know what is coming, called?

Example: **Don't be angry at me for asking this question**, but are you rich? Is there a term for the sentence in bold?


What do you call the process of formally addressing someone by using honorifics?

My native language is Macedonian, and in my language, we have a special term that describes the process of formally addressing someone. The idea is that you treat that person in plural instead of... more


How can I improve my speaking?

When I speak I use a small vocabulary, even though I know a lot more than that. Those words tend to be vague and boring. I know other alternatives for those words, although it doesn't come out... more


Term used when answering a question with a lowered tone?

Is there a term/phrase that can be used to describe the answering of a question with such a tone that would indicate that the answer isn't as all it seems? For example, if one person were to ask... more


Connected speech resources?

I am very interested in British pronunciation, so I am looking for resources about connected speech and IPA in general. The ideal would be a book with the transcription of dialogues or just... more


Thanks for.. ' or 'I thank you for...'?

I was wondering if the expression "I thank you for your answer" isn't nicer than " Thank you for your answer". For comparison, saying "I thank you" in French is nicer because the person who says... more

Term for toddler-mispronounced words?

Is there a single-word equivalent to "child speech"? A term that would convey that a toddler, still learning the language, has mispronounced a word?
Speech Esl/esol Numbers


Is there a standard for speaking "1500" as "one thousand five hundred" versus "fifteen hundred"?

I was asked by a French colleague, and had no clear answer, whether it's more correct to say "One thousand five hundred" or "fifteen hundred" when speaking the number 1500. Putting aside how we say... more


Is there a strong correlation between speech rate and beat rate in English?

Can speech rate in English be reliably measured through the beat rate? Beat rate analysis is now pretty standard, and a plethora of algorithms can reliably measure beat rate — typically in beats... more
Speech Esl/esol Syntax


Is there an analysis of the construction "my friend she is nice."?

I am researching syntactic idiosyncrasies of verbal communication and am interested in a construction in which a noun is reiterated with a pronoun. As children, we're all taught to avoid... more
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Why “Whom“ Instead of “Who“?

I got this question from a book. In opinion both whom and who sounds correct. The Question is. "The man whom i thought was thoroughly honest proved to be a swindler." But my book says the answer... more
Speech Esl/esol Numbers


How to read Figure xx.x or Section xx.x?

I wonder that whether there is a special reading way pertaining to American or British. For example, > Figure 12.3 shows a paused video touched on in Section 2.10 with the > width, height,... more


How do teens in Northern England greet each other?

Do they say "hi" or "hey" or "hello", or what do they say when they meet someone they know on the street?


can we omit the subject while talking?

ı have read a book and heard of it a lot.someone is talking and says"could not sleep last night" or "just preparing" sentences like that can we always do this or just only while speaking
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What's the difference between a "main stage speech" and a "panel speech"?

So our company is intended to participate in one of the meetings and give a speech. And the host offered two different speech types, a "main stage speech" and a "panel speech" with different... more


How to convert indirect speech with no subject to direct speech ?

In the ICSE Boards 2018 Examination this was asked- The delivery boy was requested to bring the parcel the next day. I wrote - Someone said to the delivery boy, " Please bring the parcel... more

Modals in the past + reported speech?

If the original sentence looks like this: > You should have asked me, 'Can I take your car?' Should the 'reported speech' one look like this: > You should have asked me if you **could**... more

Contraction "-'dn't" from formal English "would not"?

Can "wouldn't" be reduced to the clitic **-'dn't** when attached to any other pronoun besides *y'all*, such as *she'dn't* or *you'dn't*? (Appearing for example in "*y'all'dn't've*" from formal... more


Should I use speech marks for sounds?

If I were to describe a sudden sound, in this example: Boom! Were I to put it in speech marks: "Boom!" Just like in a dialogue, or to do something else, in that case what?


reported speech + would have to?

What is the correct form of switching from Direct speech to Reported speech in this example: A policeman says "You will have to turn back because the road is closed" Shall it be: 1) A policeman... more


Can you switch verb tenses when beginning a new sentence?

Tony had just **grabbed** another bottle of whiskey when it happened. **Dropping** it, he **reached** out and grabbed the closest thing to him, narrowly avoiding falling to the ground. Like going... more

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