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Criminal Justice Law


What landmark Supreme Court Case established the right to counsel when being accused of a crime?

The right to remain silent is included The right to an attorney is also included
Criminal Justice


Police systems & practices

Discuss whether or not it would be beneficial for the United States to have either a centralized law enforcement agency, continue with decentralization, or have universal standards. Consider that... more
Criminal Justice Law


Can a cop arrest someone for illegal substances found without probable cause?

If a policeman searches someone's car WITHOUT probable cause or a warrant (say they're just looking for something to arrest someone for, for example) and happens to find something like illegal... more
Criminal Justice


Counterfeit money

If I unknowingly pass a fake $100.00 dollar bill, can the merchant keep my fake bill?
Criminal Justice English Writing Law


Help with writing question: my brain is screaming for help:(

I need to come up with a hypothesis for my topic of cybercrime- child solicitation. It is for a hypothetical research paper.
Criminal Justice


Criminal Justice Questions

Is it worth it to major in criminal justice? How do I know if Criminal Justice Studies is right for me? What do you learn as a criminal justice major? What can I do with my degree? What are the... more
Criminal Justice


How or why can crime rates be politicized

Criminal Justice


How does Bail work? Can you stack charges to make a higher bail?

My boyfriend got arrested for 1st degree assault and aggravated robbery. Same case 2 different charges. When he gets a bail are they going to just do the worst maximum? Or can they stack each... more
Criminal Justice Science Biology Chemistry


I need help i dont understand! and expkanabtion needed

Objects or substances that absorb any wavelength of electromagnetic radiation become warmer anda. Produce a gas b. convert the absorbed energy to infrared radiation. c. Convert the absorbed energy... more
Criminal Justice


Why do gang problems become increasingly more serious in some cities and not in others?

Criminal Justice Law Criminology Criminal Law


how to get into criminology after doing mbbs?

Criminal Justice Sociology Social Studies


Explain the comments in the scenario (in description) do explain the comments using classical criminology theories only?

I have to apply classical theories such as theories by Jeremy Bentham and Cesare Beccaria to explain a in which an MP argues for capital punishment as a means of stopping people from commiting... more
Criminal Justice Philosophy


What do you think distributive justice should mean for America?

What do you think distributive justice should mean for America?
Criminal Justice


What race has created the most hate crimes?

Criminal Justice


What are the four major juvenile delinquency theories?

Discuss two of the main theories developed to explain offenses by and against juveniles.
Criminal Justice


Criminal Investigation

What was the role and types of physical Evidence, and was it direct or circumstantial, and why do you think that?
Criminal Justice


Personal retaliation is the earliest remedy for wrongs to person and property.

Criminal Justice


Criminal Law Implications

Two well known athletes who are considered the best in the world are about to compete. Athlete A knows that Athlete B used a substance regularly for two years and stopped a month ago. Today the... more
Criminal Justice Math Special Needs Algebra 1


I dont understand! What is this question asking ?

Substitute 22 in for k. Is the number sentence true or false ? Subsitite 78 in for y. Is the number sentence true or false
Criminal Justice Math Algebra 1 Algebra 2


One step equation i dont understand!

I need help and good explanation for "one step equation And one step inequalities 5n=40 (asking for one step equation) X=10( one step equation ) One step inequalities 2n<24X- 7 4 9>

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