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what will I learn?

In the Spanish classes you will learn according to your level and needs in a fun way.

How would we write a misogynistic character without offending people?

In a short story I am writing, I have this misogynistic character who keeps saying misogynistic stuff, and I thought it would be a bad idea to give him dialogue lines. I was thinking that, because... more


What does the gender term "Non-Binary" mean?


Baciato vs Baciata?

Se devo dire che ho baciato una ragazza, cosa devo dire? 1. L'ho baciato 2. L'ho baciataIl primo mi sembra più corretto, perché sta per "ho baciato lei", però sento sempre dire il secondo.... more
Gender Italian Verbs


Perché si dice "l'esame è andato bene" ed "è andata bene"?

Ho iniziato un tandem qualche tempo fa e la ragazza che aiuto nella pratica dell'italiano mi ha chiesto come mai si dice > l'esame è **andato** benema invece > è **andata** benequando si... more


Historical, academic explanations for the near-universal second-class citizenship of women?

I just heard on the news that, in 70 countries, girls face risks by simply going to school and being girls. How did women come to be second-class citizens throughout the world? Are there any... more
Gender Sociology


What are some of the main advantages and disadvantages of queer theory within sociology?

I have an essay due soon for and the question asks for me to critically explore the advantages and disadvantages of queer theory in understanding how we become gendered. Any help? 

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