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Perception of Corona Virus compared to other global crisis in regards to Globalization

Why do people perceive Corona-Virus disease (Covid-19) more differently than other global crises such as climate change?Reference: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=j1z-gVc6HZgmin 200 words


How used clothing impact the consumer identity?

Social Science Anthropology Virus Human Body


Do you think the human body is adapting to the Corona Virus?

Elaborate with help of evolutionary theory and highlight virus adaptation in to new forms like delta variant and its effect on human society?


Difficulty Formulating Hypothesis - Conflict Between Theoretical Model and Assignment Requirements

Hello! I am currently working on a project for my general linear models class. The requirements of this section are as follows: "The problem should be stated in terms of causality where you are... more


How many people does it take to establish a theory?

There are often theories published by scientists in both the hard sciences and social sciences based on new understanding of fundamental science and better data collecting mechanisms that runs in... more
Social Science


What are the different from of government in india

I need your help please give me my answer fast .
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Bella works at a lab with a huge circular particle accelerator. It has a diameter of 4 miles. What is the accelerator's radius?

I like to watch anime, play with my little brother and stay home. I like math but it"s hard for me.  
Social Science Sociology


Sociology Question - Define Social Problems

All of the following are strong indicators that some condition is viewed by the public as problematic or troublesome except: a. Laws are developed to prevent or punish the condition. b. New terms... more
Social Science


natural,social,economic and political impacts of the wood/timber industry ?

not asking for any essay just simple answers thanks
Social Science Statistics Spss


research projects

Hello,   I would like to utilize my surveying and focus group expertise in a practical research project until job opportunities get better. My expertise encompasses SPSS, surveying, statistical... more

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