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Question about harmonic oscillation of a pendulum clock

A pendulum clock - is a clock that uses a pendulum, a swinging weight, as its timekeeping element.Pendulum's amplitude of oscillation decreases with the stretching of the spring. How does the... more
Ap Physics


How do I find mass of a disk given density, radius, and thickness?

Ap Physics Physics


What is the maximum speed?

A mass and spring system consists of a 2.5 kg mass attached to a 12.5 N/m spring. The system is pulled to a position that is 1.6 cm from the equilibrium and released from rest. What is the maximum... more
Ap Physics


Third Harmonic Frequency?

What is the third harmonic frequency of a 1.73 m string fixed at both ends that has a wave speed of 212 m/s?


Linear velocity problem

The diameter of the back wheel of a tricycle is 1.5 times longer than the front wheel's diameter. When the tricycle is moving, the surface points of the back wheel move with the linear velocity of... more


Kinematics: compare the velocities

The motion equations of two moving bodies are:x1=1+3tx2=t+2t2Compare the velocities during a) the end of first five seconds; b) the end of last five secondsThe correct answer for a) should be:... more
Ap Physics


Ap physics 1 ratio

Two identical clay spheres of mass m0 traveling with identical velocity v0 collide with and stick to two different vertical rods. The shorter rod has length 2R and mass 2m0, while the longer rod... more
Ap Physics


AP physics 1 gravitation

What would be the weight of a 65.0 kg astronaut on a planet with the same density as Earth and having twice Earth's radius? (g = 9.81)


Refraction problem

A light ray strikes water with an angle of 40 degrees. What should be the angle for the ray when it strikes glass, if the refraction angle is to be the same?The answer is 52 degrees
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Help needed with physics

A 1200 kg safe is 2.4 m above a spring when the rope holding the safe breaks. The safe hits the spring and compresses it 42 cm. What is the spring constant of the spring?
Ap Physics Math Science Physics


Help needed with physics question

A 58.0 kg skateboarder wants to just make it to the upper edge of a "quarter pipe," a track that is one-quarter of a circle with a radius of 2.70 m. What speed does he need at the bottom?Any help... more


Can constant (not changing) electric field produce constant (not changing) magnetic field

It is known that a changing electric field will produce a changing magnetic field and vice versa.Is it the same with an electrostatic field? Or with the constant magnetic field?Also, I've read that... more


Compare momentum of different moving objects

Two objects of the same volume, one is made of steel, the other is made of lead, are moving with the same velocity. Compare their momentum. The answer: the momentum of the lead object is 1.5 times... more


Find momentum given a motion equation

Given a motion equation x=5-8t+4t2, and the object of 2 kg mass, find its momentum after 2 s and 4 s. What is the average force?Answers: 16 kg*m/s, 48 kg*m/s, 16 N
Ap Physics


AP PHYSICS shm question multiple choice

An object moves up and down the y-axis with an acceleration given as a function of time t by the expression a = A sin ωt, where A and ω are constants. What is the period of this motion? Answer A:... more
Ap Physics


ap physics vertical spring question -please help!

A 5-kilogram block is fastened to an ideal vertical spring that has an unknown spring constant. A 3-kilogram block rests on top of the 5-kilogram block, as shown above. When the blocks are at rest,... more
Ap Physics


ap physics spring and momentum collision question

A 0.100kg block is attached to an initially unstretched spring of force constant k = 50.0 N/m. The block is released from rest at time t = 0.At the bottom of its oscillation, the block runs into a... more
Ap Physics Physics Mechanics


What will be the velocity of initially still cart of mass M, after someone of mass m jumped on it with velocity v0?

How to derive v for this problem?
Ap Physics


Angular Distance- please help!

Dyllon the spaceman once circled Earth exactly three times in less than 5.00 h aboard his spaceship, the Gamble 13. Find the angular distance of the spaceship as it orbited Earth counterclockwise.... more
Ap Physics Math Calculus Physics


Help needed with physics problem

How do I solve the following problem?Find x-component of  vector v = (3.5 m/s , 30 degrees ,clockwise from the positive y-axis).Find y -component of vector v = (3.5 m/s , 30 degrees clockwise... more
Ap Physics


impulse 2D question

Kayden has a marble shooter and shoots a marble of mass 20.0 g at 350 m/s and the marble strikes a vertical steel plate at an angle of 30° with the plane of the plate, as shown in the figure. It... more
Ap Physics Momentum


2D momentum question

A shell slides along a frictionless flat surface moving with a southward velocity 10.0 m/s explodes in midair and breaks into 2 pieces. The larger broken piece has a mass 3.00 kg while that of the... more
Ap Physics


Systems- open and closed

a car with a mass of 1200 kg rolls down a hill and collides with a parked car that has a mass of 1500 kg. the first car starts at rest and travels a distance of 10m before the collision. If the... more

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