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Interesting centre of gravity problem

Tom has cut the right end of a uniform shaft of 40 cm in length. How much and to which direction the center of gravity of the remaining shaft moved? The answer is 20 cm to the left.

Photoelectric effect

When light of sufficient energy hits the cathode, photoelectron are ejected towards the anode. A voltage can be applied so that no current is measured at the ammeter. This is known as stopping... more


Gravitational force between two objects

How will gravitational force between two objects change when one of the objects adds 3 times more mass and moves further 3 times the original distance


Short physics question involving angle and magnitudes

What is the value of an angle between two forces of equal magnitudes, when the resultant force's magnitude is the same? The answer is 120 degrees but I don't know how to approach this question


Resultant force and its representation

An object of 3 kg mass with velocity in x-axis defined by the equation vx=5-2t. What is the magnitude of the resultant force's representation in the x-axis?Answer: -6N


Which of these units are equal in this situation

Two objects of different mass are being pushed to opposite sides by a compressed string. Which of these units are equal in this situation.a) accelerations; b) velocities; c) distances d) forces... more


Find mass when knowing distance

A toy truck from starting position within a certain time moved 60 cm. After adding 200 g mass weight onto the truck, the truck during the same amount of time moved 20 cm. Find the mass of the toy... more


Physics problem, find acceleration

A car is dragging an empty trailer with a1=0.4 m/s^2, a full trailer with a2=0.1 m/s^2. Find acceleration a3 when the car is dragging an empty and a full trailers together? The correct answer is... more


Acceleration and force

A 5 kg mass object is moving with an acceleration of 2 m/s^2. After 4 s from the start of the observation, its measured velocity was 12 m/s. What is the force acting on the body? (Answer 10 N)I... more


Kinematics problem involving velocities

Object A, during the first half of its distance, moved with the velocity of 80 km/h, during the second half: 40 km/h. Object B, during the first half of its time, moved with 80 km/h, during the... more


Physics problem about floating ball

A closed sphere/ball is floating (half of it is in the fluid). The sphere's mass is m, density ρ. What is the formula for finding the volume of the sphere?The correct answer is 2m/ρ.Can you show... more
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Projectile Motion Problem

A pumpkin is launched from the ground at an angle of 60° above the horizontal. The pumpkin strikes the center of a large target that is 80 ft from the pumpkin launcher and 48 ft above the... more


please help ASAP magnetism physics

A charged particle is moving through a constant magnetic field. Does the magnetic field do work on the charged particle? no, because the magnetic force is always perpendicular to the velocity of... more


magnetism / magnetic field and forces/ college-level physics please answer ASAP

I have a question that asks to find the magnetic forces of the sides of a rectangular loop of wire in a region of a uniform magnetic field. i know that the formula is F = I x L x B x sinθ and the... more


magnetism/ college-level physics HELP ASAP

positively charged particle is stationary in a constant magnetic field within a region of space. Which one of the following statements concerning the particle is true? The particle will not move.... more

For the function shown below, find each of the following limits. (If an answer does not exist, enter DNE.)

f(x) = 7x, x ≤ 0 x2 + 9, x > 0'(a) lim f(x) = _____ x→0−(b) lim f(x) = _____ x→0+(c) lim f(x) = _____ x→0
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physics question (idk how to do them :( )

An ice skater (m=76.4kg) is rotating in at 1.00 rad/s while moving linearly 1.50m/s. She pulls in her arms and reduces her moment of inertia from 3.60 kgm^2 to 0.300 kgm^2.a. Neglecting friction,... more
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physics question (answer is given, but idk how to do this)

A wind turbine with 3 blades that rotate about their end (rod rotating about its end) spins with an angular velocity of 1.26 rad/s. Each blade is 25.4m long and has a mass of 13,600kg. The height... more


physics question

A tangential force of 360 N acts for a time of 5.0 seconds at the edge of a potter’s wheel (solid cylinder or disc) with radius 50.cm and mass 45kg. What is the change in its angular velocity?[ans:... more
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Question in comments

A thin uniform disk of mass M and radius R has a string wrapped around its edge and attached to the ceiling. The bottom of the disk is at a height 3R above the floor, as shown above. The disk is... more
Ap Physics


After the launch, the cart’s speed is v2. Beginning at time t = 0, the cart experiences a braking force of F = -bv, rest in comments

where b is a positive constant with units of kg/s and v is the speed of the cart. Express your answers to the following in terms of m, b, v2, and physical constants, as appropriate. (5) a. Using... more
Ap Physics


A 15.0 Ω resistor is hooked up to a 12.0 V battery in a circuit with a closed switch.

a)   Draw a circuit diagram for the circuit described. Label all parts and values.b)   What is the current flowing through the resistor?c)   What is the power dissipated by the resistor?
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Newton's laws and forces

A 90 kg rocket man with a 50 kg jet pack is burning up his fuse up there alone. If the jet pack's thruster puts out 2 kilo-Newtons of force and is pointed 40 degrees below horizontal, what is the... more

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