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URGENT: please answer this earth science monsoon question please

Which statement best describes monsoons?A. They force cool, moist air from oceans to rise.B. They are winds that blow in the opposite direction of a normal wind.C. They bring heavy rain in the... more

chemistry volume

If I have 21 liters of gas held at a pressure of 78 atm and a temperature of 900. K, what will be the volume of the gas if I decrease the pressure to 52 atm and decrease the temperature to 750 K?

chemistry volume of gas

I have an unknown volume of gas at a pressure of 0.50 atm and a temperature of 325 K. If I raise the pressure to 1.2 atm, decrease the temperature to 320 K, and measure the final volume to be 48... more

chemistry pressure and volume

If I have 17.0 liters of gas at a temperature of 67.0 °C and a pressure of 88.89 atm, what will be the pressure of the gas if I raise the temperature to 94.0 °C and decrease the volume to 12.0 L?

ideal gas laws chemistry

At what temperature (in Kelvin) would 4.00 moles of hydrogen gas in a 100 liter container exert a pressure of 1.00 atmospheres?

ideal gas laws chemistry

An 18.0 liter container holds 1.20 moles of oxygen gas (O2) at 45.0 °C. What is the pressure in the container (in atm)?

ideal gas laws chemistry

When 0.250 moles of a gas is placed in a container at 25 °C, it exerts a pressure of 700. mm Hg. What is the volume of the container?

ideal gas laws chemisrty

What is the pressure exerted by 5.00 moles of nitrogen gas contained in a 30.0 Liter container at 25.0 °C?

ideal gas laws chemistry

How many moles of oxygen must be placed in a 3.00 liter container in order to exert a pressure of 2.00 atmospheres at 25 °C

ideal gas law chemistry

At 17 °C, a 0.80 mole sample of a gas exerts a pressure of 1.2 atmospheres. What is the volume of the container?

finding moles chemistry

How many moles of KCl are produced from 10.8 grams of K? 2K + Cl2 → 2KCl


Question regarding units of measurement.

If some "unit" is per ft^3 or say per m^3 or kg/metre^3. it means that "certain amount" per cubic box, which is measured in 1m length X 1m breadth X 1m height. right?i know mass upon volume is... more
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URGENT- please help me with honors earth science

How does altitude affect climate patterns in a region?A. Areas at high elevations have cooler temperatures.B. Air continues to warm as it rises to a higher elevation.C. Tropical regions do not have... more

URGENT- Please help me with this earth science question.

How do ocean currents affect temperature? Check all that apply. They carry cold water from the poles to the equator and cool air over land. They flow north and then south below the equator. They... more
Science Biology


During an experiment, a student covers all the stomata of a plant with nail polish, sealing them shut.

(a) Predict how this would affect water transport. (b) How would this affect transport in the phloem?
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What three features are common to all circulatory systems?

This is quite broad and I’m not sure what to say.
Science Biology Biology


What three features are common to all circulatory systems?

This is quite broad and I’m not sure what to say.


Chemistry formula

what is the formula phosphorous pentaiodide


Compound name chemistry

what is the name of IF9


Read the Question Below Please :)

A smooth circular hoop with a radius of 0.700 m is placed flat on the floor. A 0.375-kg particle slides around the inside edge of the hoop. The particle is given an initial speed of 10.00 m/s.... more


Please Read Question Below :)

A girl on a bike is moving at a speed of 1.40 m/s at the start of a 2.30 m high and 12.4 m long incline. The total mass is 50.0 kg, air resistance and rolling resistance can be modeled as a... more


Please Read Question Below!

A toy cannon uses a spring to project a 5.27-g soft rubber ball. The spring is originally compressed by 4.95 cm and has a force constant of 7.99 N/m. When the cannon is fired, the ball... more


Please Read the Question Below!

An energy-efficient lightbulb, taking in 26.0 W of power, can produce the same level of brightness as a conventional lightbulb operating at power 100 W. The lifetime of the energy-efficient bulb is... more


Please, Read Question Below!

Two objects are connected by a light string passing over a light, frictionless pulley as shown in the figure below. The object of mass m1 = 6.60 kg is released from rest at a height h = 2.60 m... more

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