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Anthony D.

asked • 11/18/12

need help with science

a police officer is chasing a purse snacher down a street the thief starts 9 meters ahead of officer and can run 20meters in 4 seconds the police offocer can run 32 meters in 4 seconds how long does it take the officer to catch him


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Daniel O. answered • 11/18/12

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Michael B.

Nice answer.  Your use of ms-1 might be a bit unclear to the OP, so my suggestion would be to keep it simple...   Just write 'm/s' instead.



Daniel O.

Good point. I'll edit that.



Kathryn D. answered • 11/18/12

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Thomas R.

Kathryn: How did you convince the system to accept your formulas in such elegant condition? I always had to shuffle and jigger everything around.


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