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Object speed at the end

The figure shows the height of the hill h=2.8 m. Distance BC length s=2.8 m. A piece with mass m=3 kg is discharged from rest to motion from point A. to point B and the , the speed between AB of... more
Energy Physics Work Power


Basic Physics (Work, Power and Energy - Law of Conservation)

Good day to everyone, I would like to request a help from this one. Please do provide a detailed step-by-step, explanation and a clear final answer. A passenger in the airport pushes a 53-kg... more

Specific heat capacity of water

I’m doing an experiment in physics about the heat capacity of water and I have questions that I don’t understand- A little info->Task/Mission- Determine the specific heat capacity of the water. ... more
Energy Physics Work


Physics and the Work Energy Theorem

A squirrel hops in a sled at 3.5 m/s and goes down a snow bank. The squirrel slides down the hill at a total linear distance of 6.5m. There is 1.3 N of kinetic friction force between the sled and... more

Grade 12 Chemistry (Energy)

when 0.0200 mol of solid calcium oxide is dissolved in sufficient water 650 J of energy is released.How much energy would be released if 3g of the solid was dissolved?
Energy Physics


Physics (energy)

A boy pulls a rope attached to a 22 kg sled on an icy, frictionless surface with an acceleration of 2.0 m/s2. Calculate the work done by the boy if he is pulling the rope at 35° to the horizontal... more
Energy Physics


Physics Question

A roller coaster goes over a 15 m tall hill then approaches a 29 m hill. What is the minimum velocity the roller-coaster would need when going over the 15 m hill to make it to the top of the 29 m... more


A rectangular room of length 6 metres has six 18 W LED lights.

What is the maximum width of the room if the lamp power density requirement of 5W/m^2 (5 Watts per metre squared) is to be met?


Conservation of Energy

The potential energy function of a conservative force acting on an object is given by the expressionU=y-2x2-2xwhere U is in joules and x, y, z are in meters. Consider the following two points in... more
Energy Physics


I know the standard formula, but how would I use it in this context?

The Sun generates energy at the rate of about 3.9 × 1026 W. Use Einstein’s equation to verify that the Sun loses mass at the rate of about 4 million tonnes per second.


Physics Energy Question

A ray of light strikes a side of lucite ( = 1.50) prism at 40° as shown below. Find the angle that the light leaves the prism.The prism is a isosceles with a degree of 70 at the top.


Physics Energy Question

A 5.0 kg crate is pushed across a horizontal surface by a 60.0 N force directed 32°C below the horizontal. Determine the work done on the crate by this force after the crate moves 8.0 m.
Energy Physics


Physics Energy Question

A 12 Kg object starts at rest on a horizontal surface. The object is pushed along the surface with a net force of 8.0 N. What is the speed of the object after it has traveled 5.0 m?a) Solve using... more
Energy Physics


Pop-up Toy Physics Situation

Please help. An inventor has created a spring-loaded toy that pops up off the table when compressed and released. The toy consists of two connected parts by a stiff spring as shown, with one of the... more
Energy Math Physics Work


You are pushing a large box across a frictionless.....(IN THE DESCRIPTION)

You are pushing a large box across a frictionless floor by applying a constant horizontal force. If the box starts at rest, you have to do work W_1 in order for the box to travel a distance d in... more
Energy Math Physics Work


Your physics book is resting in front of you on a horizontal table in the campus library. You push the book over to your friend,...... (IN THE DESCRIPTION)

Your physics book is resting in front of you on a horizontal table in the campus library. You push the book over to your friend, who is seated at the other side of the table, 0.400 m m north and... more
Energy Chemistry Heat


Which of the following are identical amounts of energy?

1kJ and 1 kcal1kJ and 239 cal1kJ and 1 Cal4.184 J and 1 kcal


how does pressure relate to elastic potential energy?

Energy Science


What is the equation for energy?

I guess I’m looking for the mathematical equation


Average Kinetic Energy of 2 Objects

If I had 2 objects of equal mass ( 10kg for example ), and knew that the average speed of the 2 objects was 8 ms-1 , is it possible to calculate the average kinetic energy of the 2 objects. I... more
Energy Physics Work


A jet of mass 4,277 kg lands on an airstrip, stopping after a distance of 727 m and has an initial landing speed of 29 m/s.

What is the work done, in Joules, by non-conservative forces to stop the jet?


How high can a hike climb with the energy from a candy bar?

A candy bar label says it has 240 Calories (240,000 calories). Typical efficiency of energy conversion for a human is 25%. If a 68kg person were to use the energy in the candy bar to climb a... more
Energy Physics


Physics- Work/ Energy

Michael uses his bike to apply 407 N to himself and the bike by pedaling as he approaches a 1.5 m tall ramp which is 7.4 m away. He starts from rest to accomplish this feat. How fast will he be... more


A projectile of mass 5.0 kg is shot

A projectile of mass 5.0 kg is shot horizontally with an initial speed of 17 m/s from a height of 25.0 m above a flat desert surface. For the instant before the projectile hits the surface,... more

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