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What would be the anticodon on a tRNA which is attached to the amino acid Valine. The code for Valine is GUC.
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What is the Main Energy Processing System in PLANTS?

Basically a Bioenergetic Question. Choose one of the Ans. That you think is the right one. A. PHOTOSYNTHESIS B. RESPIRATION C. MITOCHONDRIA D. BOTH A&B   THANKS FOR THE HELP!
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What is the Role of NADP+ in Photosynthesis?

Some options are given below, if you can help me giving an answer (telling me which option is correct). A. Assist chlorophyll in capturing light. B. As Primary Electron Acceptor C.Part of... more
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An element has an atomic number of 78. The number of protons and electrons in a neutral atom of the element are

A. 78 protons and 0 electrons.B. 78 protons and 39 electrons.C. 39 protons and 39 electrons.D. 156 protons and 78 electrons. E. 78 protons and 78 electrons.
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make a judgement as to whether if stem cells research issues are important enough to stop the development.

does anyone know a judgement based on stem cells research and how it is important enough to stop the development I need help.


what can i say for the conclusion armspan vs height with the 0.98 positive correlation coefficient

I need help with this question
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why does arm span correlates the height and why does it directly proportional?

I need help with this question
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Although the leg is a big part of the body ,only a small area in the sensory region is sensitive to stimuli from it .Explain why this is so ?

We have to relate it to terminology with the nervous system and anatomy of the brain 
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what is double-blinded test

I need help with this question


what is double-blind tests?

I need help with this question
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How could SDS Page and immunoblot be used to determine whether a viral protein was a glycoportein?

How could SDS Page and immunoblot be used to determine whether a viral protein was a glycoportein? Can u please explain how it works?
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how can IHC be used to judge the virulence of 2 neuro-invasive virus strains in mouse infections?

can u also reference a good website or paper that explains it?  
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a) Why must the body’s temperature be regulated

human biology
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Why are non-specific defence systems called that.

In biology we have been learning non-specific defence system such as the nose which contains hairs and mucus which prevents pathogens from entering the body. I was wondering why they are called... more



describe how cholesterol is transported in blood and how excess cholesterol is linked to coronary heart disease
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SDS-Page question?

what is the relationship between gel strength (%) and mobility of protein?

What does horizontal and vertical gene transfer have to do with symbiosis?

symbiosis - species living in a partnership
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organic carbon represents the largest source of carbon

True or false question 
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It is an advantage for two species to share the same niche

Biology it is a biopsy question that I need help on please help true or false
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volume of PCR , is this right?

Reagent stock concentration             Required final concentration                Volume10X Buffer                                                       1X                                       5... more
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template and coding DNA

If the template strand of DNA is 3’-xxx-5’, what are the first 4 amino acids of the protein?If the coding strand of DNA is 3’-xxx-5’, what are the first 4 amino acids of the... more
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Punnett square for indpendent assorting

How would you demonstrate that two loci are independently assorting? Describe your experimental design and your specific predictions. Locus A has two possible alleles, A1 and A2, and Locus B has... more
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Breeding Orchids

A horticulturalist breeds orchids, trying to obtain a plant with a unique combination of desirable traits. After many years, she finally succeeds. To produce more plants like this one, should she... more
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Biology genetics

In llamas, a shaggy coat (S) is dominant over a smooth coat (s). If two hybrid/heterozygous llamas are mated, what are the possible genotypes of their offspring? Select all that apply. [Hint: you... more
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Gradients and ion channels

Ions diffuse across membranes through specific ion channels down.. Please explain answer as to why that is the answer

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