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Physics Speed and velocity help

A student is walking with a constant speed of v1 m/s along High Street and sees a puddle d1 meters ahead of her. A bus driver is driving parallel to the student along High street/ The bus is d2... more


Calculus Velocity

The position of an object moving along a line is given by the function s(t)=−14t2+140t. Find the average velocity of the object over the following intervals.​(a)​ [1, 55​]​(b) ​[1, 44​]​(c)​ [1,... more


what is the initial speed of the ball when it is projected into the air

A small ball is projected vertically upwards from a height of 3 meters above the groundThe ball hits the ground 2 seconds laterIf air resistance is negligible and the acceleration due to gravity is... more


Kinematics - Using equations

A bicycle travelling at 5ms^-1 undergoes uniform acceleration and travels a distance of 600m in 20s.Calculate:a) accelerationb) velocity at the end of 20s


What was the velocity of a car if it was driving 40 miles North and it took 2 hours?

What was the velocity of a car if it was driving 40 miles North and it took 2 hours?


Distance, displacement speed and velocity

A student went for a run. She ran for exactly 22 minutes at an average speed of 4.0m/s calculate the distance she ran in km and state the equation that links distance travelled, average speed time.


The point P(3,1) lies on the curve y= (3/x). if Q is the point (x, (3/x), find the slope of the secant line PQ for the following values of x.

if x=3.1, the slope of PQ is:if x= 3.01, the slope of PQ is:if x= 2.9, the slope of PQ is:is x=2.99, the slope of PQ is:based on the above results, guess the slope of the tangent line to the curve... more


Velocity, How far does the object move?

An object moving on a number line as position s given by s=t^2 (where t is measured in seconds and s in feet). At time t=2, its velocity is 4 feet per second, as you can check .How far does it move... more


Rolle's Theorem

The height of a ball t seconds after it is thrown upward from a height of 5 feet and with an initial velocity of 64 feet per second is f (t) = -16t2 + 64t + 5.   Verify that f(1) = f(3). In ft.f... more


Physics Question:

In a 3 km race, a runner completes the first km in 6 minutes, the second km in 7 minutes,  and the final km in 7 minutes. The average speed of the runner for the race is approximately what?A) 6.7... more


A deer moves East through the Forest at 4 m/s for 10 seconds. What is the deer's displacement?

The choices A) 40 mB) 4 m/s East C) 40 m EastD) 40 m/s


A plane flies 1200 km in 2.5 hours. What is the average speed of the flight?

The answer choices are A) 480 km/hr B) 300 km/hrC) 1200 km/hrD) 200 km/hr


What is the velocity of a horse running a distance of 1 mile in 5 minutes due south?

Convert to si units m/s


El Paso is 1142 km south of denver. If a bus makes the trip in 15.08h what is the average velocity

and if you could explain displacement and velocity that would be nice thank you 


Micheal drove 100 miles in 2 hours. what was micheal's velocity

I want to know what is his velocity because he drove 100 miles in 2 hours


I am stuck on solving for t after i setup my problem

A rock is thrown upward with a velocity of 18 meters per second from the top of a 37 meter high cliff, and it misses the cliff on the way back down. When will the rock be 3 meters from the water,... more


Velocity rider

What formulas to I use to work this out. Thanks for your help.    A person is riding a bike with a tail wind of 12 m/s. The velocity of the cyclist is 55km/h. What is the velocity of the rider... more


Find Velocity using a limit

Use the position function s(t)= -16t2 + 98 to find the velocity in feet/seconds at time t= 1 second. The velocity at t=c seconds is given by lim t>c , s(c)-s(t)/c-t   please show all work


Finding the speed in 3D motion

Hi   I have been given the position vector of a particle, and have then differentiated this to get the velocity vector for the patricle. I have now been asked to find the speed, but am not sure... more


Find the velocity of a bowling ball dropped out of an airplane after 3.4 seconds

If a bowling ball is dropped out of an airplane, what will it's speed (velocity) be after 3.4 seconds, assuming no air resistance? (Hint: Use the equation v = 32t


Precalculus Math Problem

I'm not sure how to approach this problem and I'd really appreciate any help!If a ball is thrown directly upward with a velocity of 36 ft/s, its height (in feet) after t seconds is given by y = 36t... more


physics help

An airplane is flying at 200 m/s at an angle of 30o north of east. How fast is the plane flying North? An airplane is flying at 200 m/s at an angle of 30o north of east. How fast is the plane... more


10 meters in 20 seconds

It is a velocity question   
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