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what can make what

what can make 13 and subtract 7 at the same time


What is the area of a square that measures 3.1m on each side?

9.61m 2...............................................................


Chemistry and TEAS 101

What is the mass of the precipitate formed when 50ml of 12% solution of AgNO3 is mixed with 50 ml of 6.7% solution of NaCl?


Dosage Calculation Question for Healthcare Professionals!

1) A healthcare provider has ordered dobutamine 10 mcg/kg/min IV for your 68 YO patient who weighs 172 lb. The dobutamine is available as 1000 mg/250 mL. At what rate will you set the IV infusion... more


Genetics Question for TEAS/HESI/HESI A2 Preparation


Determining equations for distance and rate formulas.

Two cyclists leave towns 90 miles apart at the same time and travel towards each other. One cyclist travels 5 miles slower than the other. If they meet in 2 hours, what is the rate of each cyclist?

AP Chemistry Question

Which of the following ions has the same number of electrons as Br -. A. Ca2+B. K+C. Sr2+D I-E Cl-


Gas Law Problem 1.1

Calculate the volume (in liters) occupied by 8.50 g of NH3 at STP.


Chemistry/Physics Question

What is the energy of a photon with a frequency of 280 GHz?

Conversions of Gases

Convert 765 mmHg to atm, Pa, and kPa.

Physics question

If a car's velocity speed changes from 30 m/s to 60 m/s, how does this affect the Kinetic Energy.

Calculating Density

In determining the density of a rectangular metal bar, a chemist made the following measurements: length, 9.4 cm, width, 3.7 cm, height, 2.4 cm, mass, 45.9 g. Determine the density to the correct... more


How many neutrons are in Lithium?

What is the hydridization and geometry of CH4?


How many moles are in 45 grams of silver?


What are the substances that stimulate adaptive immunity called?

Anatomy and Physiology Section for TEAS Test.Practice Question


Multiplying on the TEAS test

What is the product of 0.7 and 0.6?A.) 4.2B.) 0.42C.) 0.042D.) 0.0042


Fractions on the TEAS

Choose which answer correctly expresses 3/8 as a fraction.A.) 0.875B.) 0.657C.) 0.375D.) 0.300

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