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Please help with honors chemistry solutions problem

Which must be present in an aqueous solution for it to conduct an electric current?a. acidb. base    c. ionsd. molecules
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answer these below please! copy and paste the image links into your browser for refrences!

Hemophilia is a sex-linked trait. The gene for Hemophilia is recessive and found on the X chromosome. The pedigree below tracks hemophilia through generations of a family. What is the genotype of... more


Chemistry question please if anyone can help I really need it

___NH3+___O2----> ____ NO +____H2O In an experiment 5.03g of NH3 are allowed to react with 8.78g of O2 . Write the formula of the limiting reagent ANSWER ____ 2 How many grams of NO are formed... more


Help me with gas chemistry please

A balloon has a volume of 150 mL. If the pressure is kept constant, while the temperature is halved, the volume of the balloon:A. Will also be doubledB. Will be halved   C.  Will be squaredD. Will... more


please help me with the gas laws in chemistry

Which of the following is true if the temperature of the gas in a cylinder is increased, while the number of moles of gas and volume of the container remains the same? Select all that apply.A.... more


please hep me with this math problem of gas laws for chemistry

A sample of sulfur hexafluoride gas occupies 5.84 L at 198°C. Assuming the pressure remains constant, what temperature (in °C) is needed to reduce the volume to 2.83 L? Answer in units of °C


Help me with gas laws in chemistry with math

A 75 L sample of dry air cools from 147°C to -37°C while the pressure is maintained at 2.85 atm. What is the final volume?Answer in units of  L


please help me with gas laws of chemistry

Calculate the temperature of an argon sample at 55.4 kPa and 18.6 L if it occupies 25.8 L at 75.0°C and 41.1 kPa.A. 65.2°CB.77.2°C     C. 95.0°CD. 72.9°CE. 85.1°C

please help me with gas laws in chemistry

Explain why a helium weather balloon expands as it rises in the air. Assume that the temperature remains constant.A. The atmospheric pressure outside the balloon increases, and the gas inside... more

please help me with chemistry gas laws

Why do astronauts have to wear protective suits when they are on the surface of the moon? (Select all that apply.)A. The temperatures are too cold, or too hot, to sustain life for long; and there... more

help with gas laws please

Give the common units for pressure.A. mmHg, atm, kPaB. mmH2O, atm, Pa    C.mmHg, atm, litersD. mmH2O atm, kPa

Please hep with gas laws

Which is not a physical characteristic of gases?A. Gases are the most compressible of the states of matter.B. Gases assume the volume and shape of their containers.    C. Gases will mix evenly and... more


Anatomy and Physiology

Approximately how many MORE high volume cholecystectomy surgeries were performed in 2007 than 1998?


Anatomy and physiology

What country spends the most on research and development for GERD? Aka gastroesophageal reflux disease


Anatomy and Physiology

What age group of women is most at risk for peptic ulcers?
Science Chemistry


Acetylene, C2H2, combusts in the presence of oxygen to form carbon dioxide and steam as shown in the following reaction.

2 C2H2 + 5 O2 → 4 CO2 + 2 H2O ΔH° = -2511.6 kJ/molrxnCalculate the amount of energy released when 39.0 g C2H2 reacts with excess oxygen.
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How many grams of oxygen are required to convert 11.2 L of CO into CO2? Assume STP.

Reaction: 2 CO + O2 --> 2 CO2


Using EcoRI, which cuts at 5' GAATTC 3', indicate how many strands would be produced?

5’ A G A A T T C G C T T A A G T C G A C G T A A G C C G G A A T T C C A T T C G A A T T A G 3’ 3’ T C T T A A G C G A A T T C A G C T G C A T T C G G C C T T A A G G T A A G C T T A A T C 5’ Using... more


Read Question Below

A bus driver heads south with a steady speed of v1= 20.0 m/s for t1 = 3.00 min, then makes a right turn and travels at v2 = 25.0 m/s for t2 = 3.00 min, and then drives northwest at v3 =... more


A foreign automobile manufacturer claims that its sports car will accelerate from rest to a speed of 43.0 m/s in 7.50 s.

(a) Determine the magnitude of the average acceleration of the car (in m/s2).b) Assume that the car moves with constant acceleration. Find the distance (in m) the car travels in the first 7.50 s.c)... more


Read the question below

A taxi traveling at a speed of 38.0 mi/h needs a minimum of 48.0 ft to stop. If the same taxi is traveling 63.0 mi/h, determine its minimum stopping distance (in ft), assuming the same rate of... more

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