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Science questions

How does Bernoulli principle of different wind speeds provide lift? how does the angle of attack provide lift?what are the control surfaces that a pilot can use to provide additional lift?
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1) Forty percent of the english students at Parkway High school had Dr.Mima for history, and the rest had Dr. P. Thirty percent of Dr.Mima's students earn an A in probability, while only ten... more
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Riddle answers please!!

i have multiple meanings but I am mostly known as a phenomenon that has various different titles. If you're at the right place and right time, you might be able to see me but be sure to stay... more


on pain of their lives to suffer nobody to pass out?

I faced difficulty understanding the sentence below;>(He) charged his domestics on pain of their lives to suffer nobody to pass out.I found that the phrase "charge someone on pain of" means that... more

What is the correct usage of "the question of ..."?

I am currently writing my thesis, which addresses the question <em>of how to do X</em>. However, I am not sure whether the usage of <em>"the question of ..."</em> is... more
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Can I end an "est-ce que" question with "est'?

Is the following allowed?> Où est-ce que ma chaise est?I know other ways to say this, that I know to be correct, are "Où est ma chaise?" or "Ma chaise est où?".But "Où est-ce que ma chaise est?"... more


What is the origin of auxiliary verbs?

When and why did we start using auxiliary verbs, particularly *"do"*, to ask questions and make negatives?
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Question or statement?

Suppose there is very cold weather of zero temperature. Someone might say "How cold is that" (usually with uptalk inflection). I think they mean "How cold that is". Really it sounds like a... more


How to categorize this phrase. Relative clause, Interrogative clause, Adverbial clause?

What is "Where to go" in the sentence "Where to go is the question." Is it a adverbial phrase or a relative clause? And what is "Why go" in the sentence "Why go when you can stay?" - is it a clause?


Have you got a chance to vs "Did you get a chance to"?

What is the difference between following two statements? > 1. Have you got a chance to look into this? 2. Did you get a chance to look into this?


Numerals: how to read and understand?

Please, help me to puzzle it out:)I've read the sentense in the text about school:"There are about one 600 pupils". The author writes how large the school is.I understand the meaning of the phrase,... more


Is it OK to add a question mark to show inflection?

When asking a question you generally have to raise your voice at the end of the sentence, is it okay to stuff a question mark in order to show inflection? A couple examples: - 'That really... more


What's the difference between でしょうか and ですか at the end of a question?

I am having a little trouble understanding the nuance of でしょうか in comparison to ですか. People say it makes it more hesitant and polite, but that doesn't explain the nuance enough for me. Why would... more


Differences between “Oui” and “Si” in the affirmative?

The usual form of yes in French is "oui."But my understanding is that there is another form of the affirmative, "si," (similar to the Spanish). It is used only in limited contexts, and is perhaps a... more

Understanding どうしたら?

On the 100th anniversary of the first anime 東京国立近代美術館フィルムセンター said: > **どうしたら**このアニメがこれから100年残っていくか考えてほしいと思います > ??? We want you think about how these anime will be here 100 years from... more


How should a question ending in a statement be punctuated, as ending it in a question mark seems a little off?

In the example in the headline to this question, the statement qualifying the question makes the punctuation seem ill-fitting...Here's another example: "Will you be able to make a decision on this,... more
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How very dare you!?

The phrase: > *How very dare you!* ... was originally used by English comedian and actor Frankie Howard, but has since found fame in the UK through the Catherine Tate show. 1. In this sentence,... more


Meaning of のだろう?

I'm not sure when should I use particle の in front of だろう/でしょう? Is のだろう used when the speaker wonders about something to himself? For example, what would be the translation of these... more
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Should we use the second "tu" in Québec?

Quebecers often add something like a second “*tu*” when asking a question. For example:> T'as tu un crayon ?I just don't know how to use it, like in what kind of expressions/sentences/questions?... more
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Choosing Between Intonation/Est-ce que/Inversion Question Forms?

Bonjour à tous!I'm a bit confused when it comes to choosing how to word a question in French. Like most, if not all of you, I learned that there are 3 ways to ask questions: 1. Intonation: just... more


Position of prepositions in questions and clauses?

I would like to know if there is any rule to know where prepositions should be placed in questions or clauses. For example, I have heard many sentences and some of them put the preposition in the... more
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Problem in formulating question?

Consider this scenario..*.Sam ate 4 cookies*. Now if someone asks Sam *How many you had*, then Sam will reply 4. But how should the question be formed so that the answer Sam gives will be 4th... more


Is "That is so cheap!?" an exclamative?

Is the line > That is so cheap! an exclamative? I've researched exclamatives and found that these usually begin with "what" or "how". However, I know it's definitely not a declarative sentence... more


Equations Questions

Word bank Independent, dependent, consistent, inconsistent, One, two, zero, infinite, slope, Y intercept, X interceptIf a system of liner equation shows two parallel lines then we say the system... more


In a right triangle ABC 'angle b=90digree' if AC =13cm'BC=5cm find AB

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