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Review Math 196 Qr


Find the equation of this line where V is the value after t years.

Cassandra buys a new color copier for her small business. It will cost $21,000 and will decrease in value each year. The graph below shows the value of the copier after the first 5 years of ownership. more



1) Forty percent of the english students at Parkway High school had Dr.Mima for history, and the rest had Dr. P. Thirty percent of Dr.Mima's students earn an A in probability, while only ten... more


You work in a lab and are growing a bacteria culture.

Here is my question of Precalcus question, You work in a lab and are growing a bacteria culture. Your assistant has estimated that the initial number of bacteria is 350. According to your manual,... more


simplify the following : 6-|-8|+|2|

This is a review question , it says i need to show all my work to get credit but i get confused about absolute value


Three angles of a triangle are in the ratio 2:3:5. Find the measure of each angle.

 I'm confused in how to find the answer
Review Dimensions


The length of a rectangle is 11cm more than the width.The perimeter is 90cm.Find the dimensions.

Please help I don't understand!


I am doing my math homework and I don't know this answer! I need it by tonight!

Factor 42x + 28y using the GCF
Review Algebra 1


what is an appropriate name for 6y?

my choices arecoefficientfactorterm or varible


question in description. please help!

Maria gave one half of her jelly beans to Carl. Carl gave one third of those to Austin. Austin gave one fourth of those to Carmen. If Carmen received two jelly beans, how many did Maria start with?


in triangle abc, ab is similer to ac. if the mesure of angle a is 50°, what is the measure of angle b

Triangle abc, ab is simelar to ac, angle a is 50° 


additional review

What’s the best way to create a second review to add to what I said before? I know so many more good qualities about my tutor as I continue our lessons.

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