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Relative pronouns after prepositions: is it okay to use them in speech?

Consider the following usages of relative pronouns: 1. The lecturer introduces a study *in which* participants were asked to choose one attractive picture. 1. At the university I met famous... more
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How to categorize this phrase. Relative clause, Interrogative clause, Adverbial clause?

What is "Where to go" in the sentence "Where to go is the question." Is it a adverbial phrase or a relative clause? And what is "Why go" in the sentence "Why go when you can stay?" - is it a clause?
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What's usage of 'to' following 'which' in a relative clause?

I see a sentence in a commercial article > Then in 2006, Amazon launched its Elastic Compute cloud (EC2) as a > commercial web service that allows small companies and individuals to > rent... more
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How does the present tense work in a relative clause?

> そんなわけで、まだ日も暮れない夕方の通学路を、駅に向かってゆっくりと歩く俺と加藤。 I encountered this quote in a light novel and am stuck on how to interpret it. It feels like 歩く should be "walking" in this context, but it is not... more
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What are the general principles of using verbs to modify nouns (e.g. 焦げるトースト/焦げたトースト)?

In all the time I've studied the language, I've never heard or seen anybody even hint at whether the principles from a given language (like using “burnt toast” vs. “burning toast”) carry over, or... more
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太ってる猫 vs "太った猫"?

I saw this sentence and its translation in a textbook > 彼女は太った猫が好きじゃない。 > She doesn't like fat cats I was under the impression that 「太ってる猫」 means something like “cat that is in the state... more
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How to appropriately pair tenses in subordinate and main clauses?

Consider the following combination. Which is the correct one? 1. テレビが私の国で 《できた》 のは1960 《です》。 1. テレビが私の国で 《できる》 のは1960 《です》。 1. テレビが私の国で 《できた》 のは1960 《でした》。 1. テレビが私の国で 《できる》 のは1960 《でした》。 Note:... more
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Alternative way to phrase the relative clause "which I don't find X to be"?

I wrote down the following sentence. But I think it's quite awkward. Besides, Google tells me that the clause *which I don't find him to be* occurs only twice across the internet. >He'll do this... more

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