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What is the correct usage of "the question of ..."?

I am currently writing my thesis, which addresses the question <em>of how to do X</em>. However, I am not sure whether the usage of <em>"the question of ..."</em> is... more


Subject, verb, direct object, object complement versus "subject, verb, indirect object, direct object"?

Reading _English Grammar_ (HarperCollins College Outline, published by HarperResource, an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers) I found a chapter (_Sentence Basics_) that explains that in English... more
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Starting a sentence with "rather"?

I've sometimes heard people use *rather* for connecting two sentences where the second one sets counterexample to something negated in the first.> This is not a meaningful sentence. Rather, it's... more
Sentence Patterns Grammar Esl/esol Speech


Writing and speaking duplicated words?

A recent workplace conversation prompted this question. Red Hat, the software company behind a popular Linux distribution, came by the office and everyone got some random trinkets, including a... more
Sentence Patterns English Writing American English


Avoid the slash?

Should the slash be avoided? For example `every week/day` in my head is translated to `every week or day`. I think I started using slashes because I saw them used in forums and in articles. Is... more
Sentence Patterns Grammar Clauses


Seeing the rain come on, we took shelter — complex or simple sentence?

> Seeing the rain come on, we took shelter. This sentence looks like a complex sentence with a main and an independent clause. But the book says it is a simple sentence. Which is correct?

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