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    I would like to do a review of the movie "The Birds".  It would be interesting due to the age of the movie.  The characters would be interesting to meet.  I would like to know how they did the setting.  All of this information would help show the movie would get a good review.
   One thing interesting is the age of the movie.  It was made in the 1950's.  It is amazing that years ago they knew how to make a movie that would be a mystery and still popular today.  The setting is along the upper east coast and that is a beautiful area.  It shows areas that
   Another thing that is interesting is how they got the birds to attack without the technology we have today.  My favorite parts are where the characters figure out to board of their house to keep the birds out, but forget to block the fireplace. 
   I would have to give this movie a good review espcially since it is my all time favorite.  If I had the chance to be in a movie I would have to choose "The Birds".  I hope it continues to get good reviews.
I know this needs some changes, what do you think?

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One thing that might interest you is the birds did not really "attack" in that sense of the word.  For the mass bird attacks the movie makers tossed bits of fish on a beach and filmed the sea gulls flocking to it.  This flock was superimposed behind the actors to look like a mass birds attack.  For the individual attacks a similar system was used in that a bit of bird food was put on the actor and the bird was simply trying to retrieve it.  This made the impression the bird was attacking.