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Most pollinator networks for which we have data are “nested.” Draw and describe what a nested plant-pollinator network looks like. What may be the reason for nestedness to evolve?

This is a question from TED ED's video (link: https://youtu.be/Y5uRVv7GGQM) Video: How Bees Help Plants Have Sex Pause Times: 1:25: Number of Plant Species vs. Pollinator Species 1:51: Evolution of... more


wondering about ecology

Today, land plants are classified into two groups according to the presence or absence of _____. 

Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium Problem

If 75 individuals of 735 have the homozygous dominant genotype for a phenotypic trait, what is the allelic frequency for that trait among those individuals?Answer options: 0.01, 0.75, 0.1, 0.46,... more

Hardy Weinberg Equilliburim Question

Assume there are 200 individuals in a population. If q2=0.2 and 2pq=0.5, what is p2?Answer choices are 0.75 , 0.03 , 0.09 , 1, and 0.55


Ecology question

Another word for producer:A) ecology B) heterotroph C) population D) autotroph


Creating Dichotomous Keys

I need help making a dichotomous key for archaea and protists. It can be for specific species or for groups/subgroups of the kingdoms.


Dichotomous Key

I need help making a dichotomous key for: archaea and protists. It can be for specific species or for groups/subgroups of the kingdoms.
Ecology Biology


Plant life cycle

Which of the following patterns has been seen over evolutionary time in the alternation of generations?Group of answer choicesThe sporophyte phase has become multicellular.The gametophyte phase has... more
Ecology Biology Zoology


Helping Endangered Spiders

Hello,For my ecology project, we need to contact an expert on what we should do on how to help endangered spiders. For my assignment on Peacock Spiders, What do you think we should do to help... more


Ecology Review Sheet

Part IV:Use the word bank below to fill-in the blanks from the passage. One word used more than once.Word Bank: Carbon  Runoff  Nitrogen  Global... more
Ecology Biology


Biology Question

My questionYou shall perform a demographic study of a local population of the Norwegian mountain plant Ranunculus glacialis L. to ascertain whether the population size is stable, increasing or... more
Ecology Biology


Will the Tasmanian devil species be more susceptible to the new diseases after 1996's DFTD outbreak there?

How the huge reduction of the Tasmanian devil population since 1996 affects the susceptibility of the current population to new diseases in comparison with the susceptibility of the population... more
Ecology Biology


Keystone species

Define and give a real life example of a keystone species.


Earth Science question

it’s your first day on the job within a paleoclimatology laboratory, and you have been given a section of a glacier ice core from Antarctica to analyze. After some analysis, you find that the air... more


Earth's Climate question

You have just been hired as urban planner for a large city in an arid, hot climate with an urban heat island problem. The city council wishes to know your best idea for reducing urban heat. What is... more
Ecology Ecosystems


Limit plantation growth

The most significant way that humans increase the rate of extinction is through habitat destruction


does Descartes tries to do for theology what Euclid did for geometry.

 Descartes tries to do for theology what Euclid did for geometry.


What happens to the weight of an apple as it rots?



How are sandbars and deltas similar?



Blue-footed boobies exhibit no sexual dimorphism, and instead both partners go through an elaborate mating display during courtship, focusing on their blue feet. What mating system do boobies use?

and what is the likely reason for the lack of dimorphism? What qualities are they likely looking for in their mate? How can they ensure that they get the best match?


How would an insect prey escape handling?

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