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Ecology Biology


Ecology Hypothesis

Hi,Are there any hypothesis questions regarding waterfowl that I could test within 2-3 weeks?I'm at high school, so no high types of equipment presentThanks!
Ecology Biology


Geese Hypothesis questions

Are there any quick ecology experiments with geese?There are four different species of geese around here.I only have 2-4 weeks to collect data, and I am a high school student. (so general supplies... more
Ecology Biology


Ecology experiment

Any bird ecology experiments that I could do within 2-3 weeks time?I can't think of any bird ecology hypothesis questions. Is there an interesting one that I could test with high school... more
Ecology Biology


How does plant density affect insect diversity

Hi, Can anyone outline an experiment for this ecology question, please? I have quadrats, pitfall traps and transect line to carry out the experiment.How do you measure plant density?Thank you
Ecology Biology


Ecology experiment design!

Hi,I want to test how plant density affects insect diversity. Why do some plants or parts of plants have more insects than others? How many diff insects are there in the habitat?-Does time of day... more
Ecology Biology


Ecology experiment on hedgehogs

Hi,I'm wondering what kind of ecological experiments could I do with hedgehogs?I can set up a camera trap.During the month of September, what can I test?Thank you.
Ecology Biology


How to measure speed of an animal

Hi, What can I use to measure the speed of ducks in the wild? How would I measure the distance it moved without scaring away the animal?Thank you for any suggestions!


Why is it very unlikely that aliens could live on Earth?

Why is it very unlikely that aliens could live on Earth? (From a biological perspective)
Ecology Biology


Fieldwork Ecology experiments

Hi,What kind of Fieldwork Ecology experiments can you do?There are plenty of rabbits, geese, swans, moorhens and ducks around here.Thank you!
Ecology Biology


Ecological Experiment

Hi, I need your help.In school, we need to come up with an ecological hypothesis. We can go to our park to collect info on animals/plants ex. Ducks, moorhens, swans etc.I am not sure about what... more
Ecology Biology


How does a organisms tropic level not match exactly to its level as a consumer?

I’m trying to figure out what the answer for this will be but I don’t know.
Ecology Science Biology


I need help with my ecology assignment

Question 1:  Which level of organization in an environment does the picture below represent? Explain. Questions... more


Scientific Method urgent help

Formulate the scientific method of the question "Do GMO foods affect the health of humans?"-hypothesis-prediction-type of data collectedmy hypothesis: since the assessment of "human health" is too... more


HELP Scientific Method

Use a scientific method to answer the question "Do GMOs affect human health?" I am having a hard time what variables should I involve to measure the health of humans and how do I test the... more
Ecology Biology


What is the role of a keystone species?

What is the role of a keystone species? A Limiting the abundance of a competitively dominant species B Populating the ecosystem to decrease diversity C Exploiting the key resources in an... more


Help biology question plz

TAG CCG ATA GCT TGATranslate the gene above into a protein . Please write the three letter code of the third amino acid in the sequence in the blank._________________________________



The following is a pre-mRNA sequence. (Recall the 3 things that need to be done to pre-mRNA before it can leave the nucleus.) Please edit and process this sequence to make it a mature mRNA... more
Ecology Science Biology


What are some good topics in biology to choose for an open discussion day in class?

Or current events that are interesting


Which of the following statement is true or false?

Sexual reproduction increases genetic variability among organisms of the same species. Asexual reproduction produces offspring that are similar to the parents. Budding and grafting are methods of... more


How can we prevent the earth's average temperature from rising by more than 2 ° C to 2100?

someone explain in detail?


Please help me with this question.

How can parasitism, commensalism, and mutualism relationships be disrupted by an abiotic factor? For example, how can a fish and a leach be affected by an abiotic factor?


Most pollinator networks for which we have data are “nested.” Draw and describe what a nested plant-pollinator network looks like. What may be the reason for nestedness to evolve?

This is a question from TED ED's video (link: https://youtu.be/Y5uRVv7GGQM) Video: How Bees Help Plants Have Sex Pause Times: 1:25: Number of Plant Species vs. Pollinator Species 1:51: Evolution of... more


wondering about ecology

Today, land plants are classified into two groups according to the presence or absence of _____. 

Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium Problem

If 75 individuals of 735 have the homozygous dominant genotype for a phenotypic trait, what is the allelic frequency for that trait among those individuals?Answer options: 0.01, 0.75, 0.1, 0.46,... more

Hardy Weinberg Equilliburim Question

Assume there are 200 individuals in a population. If q2=0.2 and 2pq=0.5, what is p2?Answer choices are 0.75 , 0.03 , 0.09 , 1, and 0.55

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