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Why do arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi retain active circadian clock genes?

Symbiotic arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi colonize the root systems of perhaps 80% of modern-day plant families, and are responsible for assisting with intake of nutrients required for plant growth... more


Give three explanations for the observed differences in light attenuation in these lakes.

The light intensity versus depth profiles for two lakes are listed in the table below. Calculate the extinction coefficient (η) for both lakes using all of the data provided (i.e., you need to... more


What would the change be?

0.8 degrees Celsius over the past 150 years


How does the mutualism of figs and wasps exactly work?

I have just rudimentary knowledge about the mutualism of figs and wasps and would like to know how this works step by step. Also how do humans *use* this mutualism? Do they support or hinder it at... more


Ecomorphs as evolutionary definitions?

There have been demonstrations of ecomorphs in different taxa, where each morphology type is associated to a single environment. I know that it happens because special morphological characters... more


health issue in pakistan

a lot of health issue in Pakistan silent killer called hypertension, rate of hypertension increase day by day which are the root of cardiovascular disease how we control hypertension?


Why some plants flower in different seasons?

I know how it work (Photoperiodism) but i wonder why all plants can't start flower in spring? Is it connected with ecological niche?


How to use Transect-based sampling to select sample trees?

I was wondering if you help me how to use Transect-based sampling to select sample trees


At what total rate is water used in metabolic processes over the entire biosphere?

A recent [column on "The Straight Dope" website](http://www.straightdope.com/columns/read/3300/do-we-drink-dinosaur-urine) discussed the idea that water molecules are largely cycled around through... more


How does the formation of exoskeleton by marine organisms help to minimize global warming?

The excessive CO2 being released in the atmosphere through the combustion of fuels is largely absorbed by seas and oceans thus restricting the green house effect and global warming. Choose... more


Basic question about symbiosis( or about kinds of symbiosis)?

Is there a type of symbiosis where an organism is harmed and the other is neither harmed nor helped? If not, do you think there's a term for this sort of relation between two organisms?


Can "human exclusion zones" in national parks for preserving Wolves and Grizzlies be a good idea?

There are National Preserves in the National Parks where some human activities are permitted. But can it make sense to create "exclusion zones" so no human would be permitted in a certain area, not... more


How does ecology differ from biology?

What precisely is ecology? How does it differ from biology? Because I never studied biology after high school, please explain as if I were 10 years old. I only know that ecology is a subset of... more


Can different strains of Rhizobium share an infection thread or symbiosome?

Rhizobium infection can be triggered at root hairs of legumes, creating infection threads. Can these infections threads be colonized by more than one type of Rhizobium (e.g. Fixing and... more


What is the best way to calculate the biological diversity of samples from bacterial/viral OTU tables?

I have a few large OTU tables of bacterial and viral datasets. The samples are across different sites and times. I would like to visualise the community 'diversity' across the times for which I... more


How mosquitoes get their food and survive?

How do mosquitoes find and get their food? For how much time can they survive without food?


Are there organisms that have incorporated plastic into their lives?

Are there organisms that have incorporated (manmade) plastic into their lives in any way? Either in their diet, or as a part of their body?


What do we mean by distribution of species?

What is meant by distribution of species in the following context? >density-independent factors tend to limit the ***distribution** of individuals and therefore of **species***.


Why do plants create enough energy for the entire ecosystem?

In my environmental class, we were recently learning about the $10\\%$ law that basically says only $10\\%$ of the energy goes from one trophic level to the next. This got me thinking about *why*... more


In terms of ecology what is optimality?

I am studying animal science and I have been learning about reproductive theories however i cant seem to understand the theory of optimality


White resin or powder on conifer needles?

I often notice that certain conifers often have a whitish powder on what seems to be their youngest needles, giving them a blue green tint. Does anyone know what this is? Is it something excreted... more


Why do pine stands exist?

I live in the midwestern United States. I cycle to work, sometimes on heavily wooded roads, and I can't help but notice that in most places within the surrounding deciduous forests Pine and... more
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