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What does the first line of the fourth stanza mean?

The poem "Burning the Old Year" by Naomi Shihab Nye. "Quick dance, with shuffle of losses and leaves"I am unsure what this means.

how do i analyze/explain the first and the last stanza?

""How the columns of the bodyCorrode and collapse,Despite girdings of cotton and silk,Or buttresses of expensive ointments.""How Death camps out in the bodyTo seize it by surprise.How it charges,... more

Can someone please analyze this poem? (In brief or detail, doesn't matter)

How the columns of the bodyCorrode and collapse,Despite girdings of cotton and silk,Or buttresses of expensive ointments.How Death camps out in the bodyTo seize it by surprise.How it charges, then,... more
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how to analyze this stanza of a poem?

"How Death camps out in the bodyTo seize it by surpriseHow it charges, then, through veinsAnd arteries, or along nerves and muscle,Discharging tissue and organs,So that the heart calcifies to... more

need help with this question please its urgent

Which era (Native American , Puritanism , Romanticism ,Gothic) does these statement apply to ?1/ This era was known for symbolic narratives explaining how the world came to be.2/ Held the belief... more


Can you identify all the prepositional phrases in my poem? I need it for homework!

Please tell me every prepositional phrase I have put in this poem. I can't seem to figure out prepositions and it would help if you could identify each and every prepositional phrase because I need... more


Please tell me what this poem is about.

https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poetrymagazine/poems/143917/american-sonnet-for-my-past-and-future-assassin-598dc83c976f1Please help analyse this poem and tell me what it’s about. Thanks.

What do you think the Raven means each time he repeats “nevermore?

This queyis from an poem from “ The Raven ” by Edger Allan Poe well those are all of my questions in the “ my ask ” page.


What are the characters like in a lyrical poem?

Figurative language

So I have a extra practice sheet thats not for a grade about identifying figurative language. I was able to do about 3/4 of it, but I still need help identifying a few that I can’t figure out or... more


Argument Poem due April 17 pls help

I need to write an argument poem for English due next week. My topic is SHOULD WE LEARN A 2ND LANGUAGE. it must include this in my poem as wellHowever, Im really bad at writing poems and i need to... more


what is the tone, theme, word choice, and style of "El Peligro" by Stuart Dybek

please provide evidence. Fire ran horrifiedfrom its ashes.In the afterglow,cinematic shadows fledfrom flesh and blood.Scars appeared,followed years laterby their wounds.Blinks of reddinged... more


How do I find the meter and the number of syllables in my poem?

Here is my poem1 Two paths I can run on,2 One is short and sweet3 The other is long and hard.4 Sorry I could not take both,5 Looking as far as I could down one path6 My heart raced like a cheetah7... more


In this poem, which does the speaker most encourage Native Americans to overcome?

From the Trail of TearsTo the tale of the Wounded KneeI have lived the history of my eldersThe age-old, silent fearsI look toward the skyAnd the earth that is always mineAll is not lost, I... more


The reader can conclude that the speaker

“when my sins woke to shake me strong and when I face the certain grave it is my sins have made me brave in heaven beside the jasper sea the sins of Christ will pardon me” absolution by william... more


What different effect is conveyed by the poem's focus upon a solitary bird?

Migrating birds usually travel in flocks and follow a leader. The poem I'm asking about is "To a Waterfowl" by William Cullen Byrant

I need help explaining this poem in one paragraph

I like the pink flamingo in your yardexotic cocky jungle bird, jauntily poking through the crisp sheet snow. nuzzeled on a feather bed flushed with anticipation, the winking eye invites my warm... more


is the poetry line Beauty calls and gives no warning a personification or hyperbole



i need to know how to write a summary on a poem

Hello, I need to know how to write a correct summart for my project im doing on a poet and i have to write three summarys on three of his pieces and I dont know how to write a correct summary


What can I compare "ice" to?

I need to write a poem and my teacher wants us to compare our topic to a person or something that resembles a human, nymph, dancer, figure skater. I need suggestions on things I can compare ice... more
Poem English Essay


Pls help I need a poem or song with the theme of things are not always how they seem for English class

  I have to write a literary essay that contrasts the theme from one story to a poem with the same theme. The theme is things are not always how they seem. I can't find a poem with this theme... more

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