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Philosophy Ayn Rand Objectivism


What's the difference between Randian philosophy and Objectivism?

I recently encountered a debate about whether Objectivism was the same as the philosophies of Ayn Rand. Wikipedia says they're synonyms. Is there another definition of "objectivism"? Has... more
Philosophy Applied Philosophy


How will learning about philosophy impact real-life?


On what grounds can a democratic state prohibit pornography?

On what grounds can a democratic state interfere to prohibit or limit its citizens from producing, distributing and consuming pornography? Does the state have any right to prohibit pornography or... more
Philosophy Theology


How can one not believe in god as the root cause of the universe?

What is the origin of the Continental vs. Analytic divide?

There's been much ado about the divisiveness between Heidegger and Husserl fans on the one side, with Frege and Russell stalwarts on the other. I'm mostly amused by accounts of name-calling between... more
Philosophy Logic Fallacies


Is "I cannot imagine a mechanism for X to happen, so X can never happen" a named logical fallacy?

"I have encountered this reasoning quite frequently: Somebody posits the hypothesis that an event X can happpen. A recent example I encountered was ""vinegar and salt in the boiling water make... more
Philosophy Metaphysics Naturalism


What is the difference between naturalism and materialism?

What is the difference between **naturalism** and **materialism**, if any?
Philosophy Atheism Existentialism


Is atheism a requirement for a consistent existentialist philosophy?

Søren Kierkegaard is generally considered to be the "father of existentialism". This always bothered me, since to me Sartre and Camus are the defining figures of the movement, and it seems that... more
Philosophy Math Logic


Intro to Logic- Use Natural Deduction to prove Dist E

Hi everyone, Can someone please help me. I have to use natural deduction to prove Dist E for both 'or' and 'and'These are the two questions: 1: Dist E-Ex(Px v Qx) premiseConclusion: ExPx v ExQx2:... more
Philosophy Science


What is your opinion on biotechnology?

Not everyone agrees that biotechnology should be used to modify crop plants
Philosophy Logic Belief


Why can't humans believe contradictions?

I'm reading something on the topic of **logic** and one of the exercises asked me to convince myself that a contradictory statement was true. I could not convince myself of this and now I am... more


taking her life right or wrong

Jenni Murray made plans to end her life if she becomes a burden to her family. She is sealing a pact with two friends that they will assist each other to die if any of them is diagnosed with a... more
Philosophy Logic Causation


Can a lack of knowledge or understanding invalidate a positive claim?

Consider the **example** of causal determinism. It can be phrased in many ways, all with identical meaning:<br /> - The idea that "every event, including human cognition and behavior,... more
Philosophy Free Will


Is free will reconcilable with a purely physical world?

Many are of the opinion that there is no metaphysical world beyond the material that we can sense, and that everything is therefore governed by physical cause and effect (some believe that we... more


What would you say water is?

What are the foundations of philosophy?

I'm a student majoring in mathematics. I've taken a course in mathematical logic and a course in set theory. My problem is basically that I'm always finding philosophical concepts, for example... more


What are some criticisms of Epicurus' "death is nothing to us"?

Epicurus famously asserted that death should not be feared, with roughly the following argument: 1. When we die, we no longer exist; 2. Since we no longer exist, we can feel neither pain nor... more


Natural Deductions

1.         (L  ↔️  N) ➡️  C            2.         (L ↔️  N) v  (P  ➡️ ~E)            3.         ~E ➡️ C            4.         ~C                                /  ~P


Should I respect other people's religions?

My point of view is that there is no reason to believe any god exists without evidence. So I find religions a very irrational idea and I mostly heard people saying > We have to respect other... more
Philosophy Death Existence


Is willful ignorance about one's own mortality escapism?

I don't mean if someone is dying of cancer and they refuse treatment or something -- I'm saying if a healthy person who is unhappy obsessing over his own inevitable death one day chooses to ignore... more


Is there an advantage of a theistic account in terms of being able to define goodness?

I have been watching some debates about the existence of god, such as Peter Singer vs. Dinesh D'Souza, or Christopher Hitchens vs. John Lennox. On the religious side, one argument comes up... more
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