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Philosophy Logic Pascal


What fallacy in Pascal's Wager allows replacing God with the devil?

I wanted to know the name of the fallacy or fallacies the Pascal's Wager in the sense that it can be applied to motivate one's belief in many things. A similar argument to the original Wager can be... more


How to get started with philosophy without getting overwhelmed quickly?

I’ve spent a lot of time trying to find how to get started with philosophy but I can’t. It seems that getting started with computer programming is nothing in comparison - with computer programming... more
Philosophy Ethics Theology


Does the idea of being created imply the necessity for obedience to a creator?

If a scientist created intelligent life (biological, AI software, etc.), would that scientist have the right to dictate to that life a moral framework? Does the act of creation give implicit rights... more
Philosophy Biology


What is the bioethical issue?

Philosophy Anthropology Sociology


What is actor-network theory?


What is the difference between a statement and a proposition?

I'm doing a MOOC on mathematical philosophy and the lecturer drew a distinction between a proposition and a statement. This is very puzzling to me. My background is in math and I regard those two... more
Philosophy Logic Truth


What is the difference (if any) between "not true" and "false"?

A fairly simple question I hope someone can help me with.
Philosophy Logic Fallacies


Is circular reasoning always a fallacy?

Suppose the following dialogue: >... >"I accept only one notion of land property. Namely, 'I am doing my stuff here, therefore I am here". >"But this means," he responded, "you can break... more
Philosophy Truth


Why do some people care so much about "empirical truth"?

Whenever you discuss philosophy, inevitably you will come across a type of person who holds empirical truth above all else, and will blatantly ridicule any discussion which has its onset in a... more
Philosophy Logic Terminology


How can we reason about "if P then Q" or "P only if Q" statements in propositional logic?

When you have a propositional sentence of the form ***P* ⊃ *Q*** — which we might read as "if *P*, then *Q*" — how can you tell when it is true, or false, based on the truth-values of *P* and *Q*... more
Philosophy Logic Difference


What is the difference between Fact and Truth?

Philosophy Psychology Logic


Is it a fallacy to say that a sane person cannot apply rational thought to the motivations of the insane?

A common argument in today's news is that: 1. Someone commits a heinous crime by shooting a bunch of people. 2. Anyone who commits a heinous crime must be insane. 3. Sane people cannot apply... more
Philosophy Logic Validity


Can an argument be valid even though one of its premises is false?

Is it possible for an argument to be valid by virtue of its logical form, but contain a false premise? In other words, can a premise be false even though the argument itself is logically valid?
Philosophy Logic Descartes


Could 'cogito ergo sum' possibly be false?

I've heard it postulated by some people that *"we can't truly know anything"*. While that does seem to apply to the vast majority of things, I can't see how *'cogito ergo sum'* can possibly be... more


If Tyler gets an A on the final, he’ll pass the course, and I’m sure he’ll get an A on the final. So, Tyler will pass the course. Is this a argument or not? Why not?

I am really confused with the IF sentences. Cant tell if they are arguments or not, if so proper or not?
Philosophy Religion


Which of the following religions believe in the Holy Trinity?

1)  Christianity 2)  Islam 3)  Judaism 4)  all of the above
Philosophy Critical Thinking


Critical Thinking - Changing headlines

If a headline were to say, "New Pill Controls Birth Twice a Month," it would be unintentionally funny. Which one rewriting of it says only what was most probably intended? a. New Pill Works Twice a... more


can you give me an example of a socratic dialogue?

Philosophy question


Consider the following argument

Consider the following argument: It’s impossible for robots to have minds. This is because minds are identical to brains, and if minds are identical to brains—that is, if a mind is nothing over and... more


can you help me please.

Science is an empirical field. Define what this meansand use your definition discuss why the following process is not scientific: Let’s say that I lock myself in a room with no windows and no... more

Can someone find an argue that this question has hasty generalization? I'm a bit stuck.

Teacher: Ms. Lewerke, we need to discuss your attire and how it violates the school dress code. Student: Here we go again, you’re going to apply the sexist dress code that allows boys to wear what... more
Philosophy Thomas Hobbes


What does Hobbes believe is the true definition or state of leviathan?

Is this a logical state 


Is "boy is a boy, girl is a girl" an empirical or necessary truth?

I need answers quickly.


According to Plato, as demonstrated in the Meno, we are born with knowledge of things like geometry



Categorical imperatives are

a. a priori moral laws of how a rational being should use that rationality in practices. b. derived from observation of human behavior and speculation on what standards would maximize happiness or... more
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