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Which option strategy is the most conservative?

Between buying calls, selling covered called, selling naked calls, selling naked puts, buying puts, straddles, spreads, which strategy is the most conservative?
Philosophy Speech Rhetoric


Can rhetoric lead us to the Truth about an objective reality?

Be sure to define your terms: rhetoric, Truth, and objective reality. And, consider the ideas of two or more rhetorical theories when answering this question.
Philosophy Logic


Help sought to solve ~(A&B) / ~(A&~B) // ~A

A student contacted me asking for assistance in validating this symbolic logic (propositional) argument:~(A&B)~(A&~B)~AThe question required the use of the Assumed Indirect Proof method,... more


A cultural relativist must deny that



Introduction to the philosophy of science

What is a paradigm shift? Adress a spesific example of a paradigm shift from your own field of study and try to justify why you name it as such. Explicate your reasoning clearly while you also show... more


Explain the argument seen in the passage. Offer up and defend your best counterargument to the argument from the passage.

Write a 3-page paper on the following question:Consider the following passage:"It is certain and evident to our senses that some things are in motion. Whatever is in motion is moved by another, for... more


Philosophy question

What do I have to do for my actions to be moral according to Kant: 
Philosophy Hegel


Does Hegel's Dialectic ever end

Hegel believes that all of history is an constant process of becoming by his Dialectic: Thesis Antithesis Synthesis My question is does Hegel believe this process ever ends. Is absolute spirit... more


What is Kant's opinon on Descartes's Cogito Ergo Sum

Does Kant agree with Descartes that because he thinks, he can know for certain that he is a thinking thing. Or does he think differently because substance is one of his apriori categories and so he... more


Is Kant's Distinction between Noumenon and Phenomena one of knowledge (proven) or belief (postulated)?

Kant distinguishes between between the thing for me and the thing in itself in his Critique. Because we tend to posit apriori categories into our experience, we cannot get at objective reality but... more


this is part of my review.i just want to see if i have the correct answers. please help!!!

33) For Kant, it is possible to evaluate morality in general based on which of the following. Select all that apply:A)   Consequences of actions.B)   None of the above.C)   Whether or not it leads... more
Philosophy Physics


or 1-11, circle the major operator in the sentence, then use the following key to translate the sentence into SL:

, circle the major operator in the sentence, then use the following key to translate the sentence into SL: A: Tax revenues fall. E: I exercise. M: I am motivated. D: I diet. X: Student enrollment... more
Philosophy English Psychology


Why is it important to try to improve a weakness?

In 3-5 sentences please answerWhy is it important to try to improve a weakness?


Is there such a thing as time?

The question itself is a simple yes, or no, and the answer is not one which exists in some grey area. Though many ivory tower wannabe philosophers will wax endlessly on questions such as this the... more


What does Wittgenstein's notion of "meaning is use" refer to?

Wittgenstein's later work in the Philosophical Investigations breaks away from the commitment that logic is the underlying structure of language which explains its relation with the world. Later... more


in what way is moral(esp.cultual)relativism akin to ''horn2'' of Euthyphro dilema?

in what way is moral(esp.cultual)relativism akin to ''horn2'' of Euthyphro dilema?
Philosophy Bible Studies


If you had to summarize the entire Gospel of Matthew in two themes, what would they be and how do they relate to your life?

READING:Matthew 21:20-25:46 Can find the reading on bible getaway


identify all of the fallacies that appear in the passage

"When you get down to it, philosophers are just logic choppers who sit around trying to put reality into little boxes made of words. So, the philosophical arguments against time travel prove... more
Philosophy Logic Truth Table


Truth Table Symbolized Statement

Truth table for the symbolized statement ( A • B) ≡ (∼ A ∨ ∼ B)Determine if this statement Tautologous Contingent Self-Contradictory


Determine Truth Value

Given that A is True B is True C is False ( A ⊃ B) • ( A ∨ C)


Translate the statement into symbolic form using the letters

If Trump hid the phone transcript, then he should be impeached or should resign. (H,I,R)
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