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Theological freedom

Did St. Augustine give a satisfying defense of human freedom and the existence of God from the Stoics' ideas?

Why does the New Testament have a basic set list of documents?

While there is a basically set list of documents, it is surprising that there is no list per se anywhere within it. It seems to have a regular theme and purpose, so there would seem to be a stated... more


Who is Jesus of Nazareth as depicted in both the Gospels of Matthew and John

Trying to asses who Jesus is in the gospel of Matthew, in the gospel of John trying to explain who he is overall


Why did God want Gideon to reduce his army in judge chapter 7?

What would it take in a book to convince a rational person that it had been written by or directly inspired by a god?

Many of the world's religions are based on a book or text that adherents claim to have been written by or directly inspired by a god, perhaps omniscient, omnipotent and omnibenevolent. My question... more
Theology Philosophy


How can one not believe in god as the root cause of the universe?


Evil thoughts without actions?

Can a thought without a corresponding action be morally wrong? More fully, under which approaches to morality do thoughts, in and of themselves, carry moral significance? In particular I'm looking... more

What is the purpose of the universe?

There are two extremes known as **creationism** vs **evolutionism**. Let's consider creationism for a moment, and imagine that God exists, and he/she has created us. The question that obsesses my... more
Theology Philosophy


If the universe has a beginning does that prove God exists?

It is curious to note that a eminent Physicist like Stephen Hawking thinks the universe has a beginning. This has some rather startling Religious implications


Does a negative claimant have a burden of proof?

I have often heard it said that the burden of proof is on the positive claimant but not on the one making a negative claim. A person claiming, "God exists" has a burden of proof but not a person... more

Why does Dawkins think it is wrong to posit that a paragon of 100% morals could theoretically exist?

Let’s move on down Aquinas’s list. 4\\. The Argument from Degree >>We notice that things in the world differ. There are degrees of, say, goodness or perfection. But we judge these degrees... more


Does Pascal's Wager contain any logical flaws or fallacies?

Blaise Pascal's famous wager was that even if the existence of God cannot be determined through reason, a rational person should wager as though God exists, because living life accordingly has... more
Theology Philosophy Ethics


Does the idea of being created imply the necessity for obedience to a creator?

If a scientist created intelligent life (biological, AI software, etc.), would that scientist have the right to dictate to that life a moral framework? Does the act of creation give implicit rights... more


If you were a pagan in the Greco-Roman world:

How would you show why Christianity was an inferior religion? ALSO, if you were a Christian, how would you show that paganism was an inferior religion?


B) Write a well- developed and specific paragraph that shows your understanding of content and concepts.

B) Write a well- developed and specific paragraph that shows your understanding of content and concepts. Be specific in referring to scripture but avoid simple summary.   •What is meant by the... more


God makes a free choice to reveal to us things about Himself that we wouldn't be able to figure out on our own.

Catholic Theology Question


What is the relationship between apostolic succession papal supremacy and ecumenical councils

Define each where each comes from and any examples from history and how it effects ecumenism


Similarities between the Roman Cayholic Church, The Greek Orthodox Church and Islam?

During the Middle Ages, religious institutions gained more significance and the separation of the Church and State  was still an idea yet to be perceived. The Roman Catholic Church, the Greek... more


What are the major function of the trinity of God

I would like to know what is found in the trinity of God, and what is the triune attributes of God, does each take on a different role, and are all three manifested in Christ

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