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Philosophy Logic Fallacies


Logical fallacy: X is bad, Y is worse, thus X is not bad?

I have heard this type of argument too many times: You are criticising X using well researched facts and arguments. Your interlocutor, states that Y is much worse with equally well researched facts... more


What did Socrates teach which lead to his conviction that he spoiled youth and taught other Gods?

Socrates was finally sentenced to death because his judges declared that he spoiled youth by his teachings and that he learned other Gods. But what precisely did he teach?
Philosophy Ethics Utilitarianism


Am I morally obligated to pursue a career in medicine?

I am a high school student who has no formal training in philosophy, so I apologize if this question seems naïve. However, it is one that I am currently facing in a life decision, and I would like... more
Philosophy Logic


Can you provide an example of solving a proof in Predicate Logic?

∃x(Gx • Px) ∨ ∃x(Sx • Ex). ∼∃x(Ex) ∴∃x(Px)
Philosophy Logic


Does perception precede reality; and is reality made up of our thoughts?

Philosophy Logic Theism


Are there reasons for belief in God that atheists can at least respect?

Philosophy Logic


What exactly is the essence of life, the very elixir of animated existence?

Philosophy Logic


What philosophers do you recommend one should listen to on YouTube?

Philosophy Logic


How can one become a better thinker?

Philosophy Logic


How do I find my real purpose in life?

Philosophy Bible Studies


Why is there evil and suffering?

Philosophy Sociology Society


Can we tell whether human groups or societies are behaving as superorganisms?

An anthill can be described as a superorganism, with behaviours and interactions much more complex than those of an individual ant. We could find analogies between the superorganism and other... more

Theories of Everything as a hold over from monotheism?

In his book "A Tear at the Edge of Creation", physicist Mario Gleiser argues that results from cosmology and particle physics make it unlikely that we will ever find an elegant unified theory of... more


When is violence appropriate?

In what situations would violence be appropriate? The way I see it, the only excuse is **as a response** to violence (self-defense). Am I missing anything?
Philosophy Logic Proof


Can you prove anything in philosophy?

I don't understand philosophy very well, and so I am wondering whether you can "prove" anything in philosophy. It always seems you can go a layer down, and find another question, almost endlessly... more
Philosophy Anthropology Sociology


What is functionalism?

Philosophy Logic Proofs


Is there a way to understand material implication without truth-tables?

I understand how, given the truth-functional definition of the conditional, any sentence of the formIf P then Q is truth-functionally equivalent to Either not-P or QOr, to put it symbolically:  P →... more
Philosophy Physics Astronomy


How big is the universe?

Nobody knows how big the universe is, but it is mind-bending to think of just how big it might be.
Philosophy Empiricism Hume


What did David Hume mean when he said that "reason is a slave to the passions"?

I don't understand the meaning of this oft-quoted quotation of Hume's in _On Reason_, namely his saying that "reason is a slave to the passions." What exactly does he mean by that ? Is it simply... more
Philosophy Plato Epistemology


Are the unexamined lives of others worth examining?

Socrates continually admonished his interlocutors to become more introspective, arguing passionately for self-examination: > The unexamined life is not worth living. But an examined life is... more
Philosophy Ontology Metaphysics


What is the difference between metaphysics and ontology?

I know that ontology is a sub-field of metaphysics. But I can't see the difference between them. I mean ontology is defined as "The study of being and existence", and metaphysics is defined as... more


How does one know one is not dreaming?

How does one know one is not dreaming? How could one logically demonstrate to a skeptic that one is "really" there, awake and not just dreaming the entire situation/world around him? Specifically... more


Translate the passage into TFL

Pam and Sam will see Us if and only if the theater opens at noon. The theater opens at noon if Sam won't see Us. Therefore, either Pam will see Us or she won'tIf Amanda wins the competition, then... more
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