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Is "I cannot imagine a mechanism for X to happen, so X can never happen" a named logical fallacy?

"I have encountered this reasoning quite frequently: Somebody posits the hypothesis that an event X can happpen. A recent example I encountered was ""vinegar and salt in the boiling water make... more
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What logical fallacy is "If you don't like it, move!"?

When criticizing government, society or whatever, people often retort, "If you don't like America, why don't you move somewhere else?" What kind of fallacy would this qualify as? At first glance,... more
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Logical fallacy: X is bad, Y is worse, thus X is not bad?

I have heard this type of argument too many times: You are criticising X using well researched facts and arguments. Your interlocutor, states that Y is much worse with equally well researched facts... more
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What's so fallacious about the Slippery Slope Fallacy?

When you look at the world, I think it's a rather non-controversial statement that a good percentage, if not a majority, of social problems are caused by people making choices based solely on... more
Fallacies Philosophy Logic


Is circular reasoning always a fallacy?

Suppose the following dialogue: >... >"I accept only one notion of land property. Namely, 'I am doing my stuff here, therefore I am here". >"But this means," he responded, "you can break... more


Is it a fallacy to say that a sane person cannot apply rational thought to the motivations of the insane?

A common argument in today's news is that: 1. Someone commits a heinous crime by shooting a bunch of people. 2. Anyone who commits a heinous crime must be insane. 3. Sane people cannot apply... more

Crime rates have increased exponentially because of the unusually high temperatures of summer. The flawed logic in this statement exemplifies

Crime rates have increased exponentially because of the unusually high temperatures of summer.The flawed logic in this statement exemplifies  a. post hocb. slippery slopec. false dichotomyd. hasty... more

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