8 Answered Questions for the topic Philosophy Of Science

What are the foundations of philosophy?

I'm a student majoring in mathematics. I've taken a course in mathematical logic and a course in set theory. My problem is basically that I'm always finding philosophical concepts, for example... more

In what sense is atheism scientific?

Why is scientism philosophically wrong?

I think a combination of science and philosophy _alone_ leads to closer to truth. Why is it that it is wrong to think that science _alone_ leads to truth? Isn't empirical truth the only one we can... more

Fundamental idea on proving God's existence with science?

I think that proving God's existence or any deity from any culture with the rigors of science is fundamentally absurd. The popular arguments usually involve space-time and the big bang theory. (I... more

What is the purpose of the universe?

There are two extremes known as **creationism** vs **evolutionism**. Let's consider creationism for a moment, and imagine that God exists, and he/she has created us. The question that obsesses my... more

Do any philosophers disagree with Occam's razor?

I never bought into the razor. For example, if I have two hypotheses A and B with equal evidence, the razor would have me pick the simpler one. But personally in my mind, I create a sort of... more

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