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What should philosophers know about math and natural sciences?

My question is whether a lack of knowledge about formal mathematics or theoretical science in general would have an impact on a philosopher's ability to think and make judgments. Why should a... more
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What are the foundations of philosophy?

I'm a student majoring in mathematics. I've taken a course in mathematical logic and a course in set theory. My problem is basically that I'm always finding philosophical concepts, for example... more
Philosophy Of Science Philosophy Metaphysics


Why does the universe obey scientific laws?

As far as anyone is aware, the universe consistently acts according to predictable laws (and scientific inquiry exists to determine those laws). Is there any metaphysical reason for this? Is such a... more
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In which way does quantum mechanics disprove determinism?

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In what sense is atheism scientific?

Philosophy Of Science Philosophy Philosophy Of Religion


Theories of Everything as a hold over from monotheism?

In his book "A Tear at the Edge of Creation", physicist Mario Gleiser argues that results from cosmology and particle physics make it unlikely that we will ever find an elegant unified theory of... more
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Is scientism a self defeating epistemology?

Some who have argued against the validity of scientism have argued that the view that only science can uncover truth is not a scientific discovery but rather a epistemology. Hence it has been... more
Philosophy Of Science Philosophy


Why is scientism philosophically wrong?

I think a combination of science and philosophy _alone_ leads to closer to truth. Why is it that it is wrong to think that science _alone_ leads to truth? Isn't empirical truth the only one we can... more


Fundamental idea on proving God's existence with science?

I think that proving God's existence or any deity from any culture with the rigors of science is fundamentally absurd. The popular arguments usually involve space-time and the big bang theory. (I... more
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What is the purpose of the universe?

There are two extremes known as **creationism** vs **evolutionism**. Let's consider creationism for a moment, and imagine that God exists, and he/she has created us. The question that obsesses my... more
Philosophy Of Science Philosophy Epistemology Occams Razor


Do any philosophers disagree with Occam's razor?

I never bought into the razor. For example, if I have two hypotheses A and B with equal evidence, the razor would have me pick the simpler one. But personally in my mind, I create a sort of... more
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What is the difference between Fact and Truth?

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