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The Team Meeting and Management Efficiency Case

You are team leader for the team responsible for implementing corporate restructuring. Your superiors favor a radical change in the way in which these changes are made within the company, Usually,... more


Deception as Therapy:

A 46-year-old man, coming to a clinic for a routine physical check-up needed for insurance purposes, is diagnosed as having a form of cancer likely to cause him to die within six months. No known... more

Is scientism a self defeating epistemology?

Some who have argued against the validity of scientism have argued that the view that only science can uncover truth is not a scientific discovery but rather a epistemology. Hence it has been... more


What is the difference (if any) between "not true" and "false"?

A fairly simple question I hope someone can help me with.
Truth Philosophy


Why do some people care so much about "empirical truth"?

Whenever you discuss philosophy, inevitably you will come across a type of person who holds empirical truth above all else, and will blatantly ridicule any discussion which has its onset in a... more


How can we reason about "if P then Q" or "P only if Q" statements in propositional logic?

When you have a propositional sentence of the form ***P* ⊃ *Q*** — which we might read as "if *P*, then *Q*" — how can you tell when it is true, or false, based on the truth-values of *P* and *Q*... more


What is the difference between Fact and Truth?

Using Logical simplification

Could someone help me on the question below please.   Using Logical simplification, prove that the following are tautologies, contradictions or neither. Verify your answers using a truth... more
Truth Equivalent


Construct a truth table for the statement.

~p→~q, q→~p   construct a table for ~p→~q construct a table for q→~p     Are the statements equivalent?


Construct a truth table for the statement.

∼(∼p Λ ∼ q)

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