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Q: Is it important to keep my mind active during summer months?

A: Yes, it is imperative that you continue to learn and keep your mind active while you are not in school. This is done best by attempting the following: Sleep 8-10 hours every night. Eat a... more


What causes humans to be sleepy?

Is there a hormone or group of hormones that regulates when we feel sleepy late at night, or in the morning? Or is sleepiness caused by some other non-hormonal mechanism? (e.g. pure... more


Effects of Modafinil?

As someone who suffers from chronic insomnia and often has to get things done during the day without much or any sleep at all, I would like to know from those experienced what the effects are of... more

Can parts of a human brain be asleep independently of each other, or vary in the times required for them to fall asleep?

I know that some birds and marine animals can continue complicated activity (swimming, flying?) while one hemisphere of their brain is asleep.I'm interested if human brain has some parts of it that... more

Why do the humans become sleepy after meals?

I don't know about all the mankind, but I know enough people, who becomes sleepy after their meals. Also, I'm not sure, what kind of food do they consume, but I personally get sleepy almost from... more


Why do we feel tired if we sleep excessively?

When we eat, finally we feel full. I know which mechanism causes the sensation of being full. But when we sleep excessively we often still want more sleep. Why does this happen? Is there a... more


Why does caffeine make me sleep better?

I have self-administered around ``4 mg/kg`` of caffeine (peroral), and around two hours later I fell asleep, being just a little bit sleep-deprived. After around five hours of sleep I found myself... more


How can I make a time delay in Python?

I would like to know how to put a time delay in a Python script.


Tips to improve the sleep during the night?

That I know, I don't have physical and psychological problems, but during the last year I slept pretty bad on purpose (playing, studying, etc ) and I feel that this has negatively affected me.... more

Ways to lessen or prevent episodes of sleep walking?

I am currently on medication to dampen my sleep walking. The medication is amitriptilyne, but lately it seems to be having no effect. For the past few weeks I have been getting up at around 3am... more


Does Benadryl (=diphenhydramine) lead to tolerance? Can I use it to help with sleep?

I am an insomniac and all the sleep medications that I've been prescribed have eventually had no effect on me -- I built a tolerance to them. It's a dangerous thing because I don't want to take... more


How much sleep should I be getting to recover your body’?(I basketball train 3x a day, and weight lift 5x a week)

My traing sessions are 1.5 hours each. My weight lifting last 1-1.5 hours. I eat 3 meals a day, and my current sleeping schedule is sleeping 10:00pm-5:00am. Can I be damaging my body in anyway?... more


I havent slept in last 14-16hours and need to stay awake for next 15-16 hours. What can i do to feel awake and energized?

I havent slept in last 14-16hours and need to stay awake for next 15-16 hours. What can i do to feel awake and energized

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