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Is it possible to get infected from your own stool while pooping.

I know it’s a odd question, honestly just curious. If you pass a large stool, and you may have pushed too hard and get a little blood when wiping. Is it possible for your own stool to infect those... more


In what ways has the internet affected how you view reality? Explain using a symbolic interactionist perspective

in what ways has the internet affected how you view reality? Explain using a symbolic interactionist perspective


health issue in pakistan

a lot of health issue in Pakistan silent killer called hypertension, rate of hypertension increase day by day which are the root of cardiovascular disease how we control hypertension?


Why isn't vomit corrosive?

Vomit comes from gastric acid, right? And in gastric acid there is HCl and HCl is corrosive (strong), how come when I vomit, it doesn't destroy things that it (as the vomit) hits (such as floor,... more


Why have humans evolved much more quickly than other animals?

Humans have, in a relatively short amount of time, evolved from apes on the African plains to upright brainiacs with nukes, computers, and space travel. Meanwhile, a lion is still a lion and a... more


Besides hemoglobin, what proteins are present in red blood cells?

I knew that mature red blood cells (RBCs) lacked nuclei, but I wasn't aware until just now that they also lacked ribosomes and mitochondria. Most cells in the human body all contain a common... more


Which are the last cells of the human body to die?

When somebody dies, which are the last surviving cells of his/her body? Those of hair, nails, or some other obscure but resilient cells?Shedding light on why and how they are so vital might boost... more


Will neurons die if they are inactive for a long time?

We know that when muscles are not used they atrophy. Does something similar also happen in neurons if they do not receive any stimulus?


Possible? When a pregnant woman suffers an organ damage, fetus would send stem cells to the damage organ to help repair it?

I am quite sure that there is this blood-placental barrier between the mother and the baby so that nothing (except a type of antibody) can pass through it.But I remember reading somewhere that when... more


Are humans the only species who drink milk as adults?

I was drinking a glass of milk the other day and that got me thinking that no other animal to my knowledge drinks milk past their infant stages. One could argue that cats might but it isn't good... more


Can someone explain the color-changing unit (CCU) to me?

I've been physically carrying out serial tenfold dilutions on samples of Ureaplasma to work out the color-changing units (CCU). As a definition, the CCU is the highest dilution at which there is... more


Does an allergic reaction kill body cells?

I have wondered what actually happens in an allergic reaction that causes the symptoms such as pain, rash etc.Is it possible that the human body actually kills its own cells in the process?


Why is rabies incurable?

I'm still not sure about the mechanics that lead to rabies being incurable. I know that it can be treated before any symptoms show up, but why is it that once symptoms show the person is a dead man... more


How can fresh cavities form at the margins of sliver amalgam fillings on teeth?

Silver amalgam fillings predominantly contain silver a known bactericidal agent and mercury which a known toxin and has bactericidal property. So how is it that the plaque bacteria survive near the... more


Are there biological reasons why life expectancy is lower for men in most countries of the world?

I've been checking life expectancy figures for men versus women in many countries of the world and the figures for men sometimes are terrifying. Countries like Russia have a 12 years gap in... more


Why does it hurt the next day after doing significant exercise?

I think this is a fairly common observation that if one does some significant amount of exercise, he/she may feel alright for the rest of the day, but it generally hurts bad *the next day*. Why is... more


Does making yogurt from non-pasteurized milk work against possible disease bacteria?

In the past, when there was no pasteurization, could making yogurt from milk lower the chance of getting infected by bovine tuberculosis (or other diseases from infected milk)? For example, would... more


How is temperature sensed?

Can anyone summarize the mechanism by which when an object of a given temperature is placed in contact with, say, the skin on a human fingertip, the average speed of the particles of the object is... more


How long do your eyes need to adapt to darkness and reach full contrast?

I heard you should wait some time until your eyes adapt to darkness and are able to see smallest luminosity differences, otherwise you might overlook faint objects in the ocular. Are there any... more


Why do the two hemispheres of the brain control the opposite sides of the body?

Why does the left hemisphere control the right and the right hemisphere control the left? I googled it but didn't find a good answer regarding this. Could someone explain? Does this adaptation help... more


What kinds of cells does human saliva contain?

I have heard that our saliva contains cells. What cell types can be found in human saliva?


How many human cells are there in our body, on average?

How many human cells are there in our body, on average? Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_microbiome) says 10<sup>13</sup>:> Bacterial cells are much smaller than human... more


A hypothetical nerve damage question?

If a 100 pound bucket is dropped on someone's hand, what will this do to the nerves, will they get crushed, will they die? And how will this affect that person's ability to feel or move their hand?


What do you see when your eyes are closed?

If you are in pitch black and you close your eyes, you sometimes can see strange shapes of various colors. A lot of the time these shapes and colors change as you observe them. This phenomenon... more
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