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How should lentil roots grow in a microgravity system?

I recently executed an experiment in which I collocated 20 lentil seeds in independent Petri boxes with an agar agar solution, all of it located in a clinostat (a slowly rotating device used to... more


Is "reaction center" the same as "photosystem"?

I have a diagram which labelled a part of PSI (Photosystem I) as *"reaction center"*. But I have read on several websites that the reaction centers are PSI (the whole complex, not just a part of... more
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Why do plants have pith and how is it useful to them?

Many plants have pith, from walnut trees to corn to ragweed, but I can't think of anything it does them. What is pith and how is it useful to them?
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In plants why are potassium and nitrate ions absorbed faster than any others?

Quoting my A-level biology textbook: >$\\ce{K^+, NO3^-}$ are absorbed by plants faster than any other ions. Whereas, $\\ce{Ca^2+, SO4^2-}$ are absorbed with the slowest speed. What is the... more


How many oxygen atoms are used up in aerobic oxidation of one pyruvate?

Please explain elaborately, if possible using the EMP, Krebs and ETS cycles.
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How long will a vegetable live for after being harvested?

I understand this might depend on the types of vegetables, but is there an average or studied specifics? Does it die immediately? Is there a way to precisely diagnose death in plants? If so, what... more
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The source of ABA for inducing stomatal closure in the detached leaves?

As you may know, when leaves detached from the whole plant close their stomata to maintain water and prevent wilting. Could you please let me know what is the mechanism of stomatal closure in the... more
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Why are newly grown leaves red?

After a period of heavy rain, several trees in my garden will put out an impressive burst of new leaves, with an incredible vibrant red colour, almost the colour of port wine. The new leaves will... more
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Does the sun light have to have direct access to fruits to make them sweet?

I understand that sun light is needed for fruits to ripen. In the years with less sun light, the fruits are usually not so sweet. So the sun light is needed to make the fruits sweet. *Where* and... more
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How do plants grow year after year even though they die?

How do plants grow, die, and then grow again? For instance, when my plants die during the winter, how do they grow again next year? Does it have something to do with the root system? Or do they... more
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Why is amylose insoluble in water?

In a handout the following is stated: Amylose is insoluble in water, therefore a good storage compound e.g. in stroma of chloroplasts This is with regard to the chemical structure of the molecule.... more


Are there any plants with nervous systems?

I know that plants can send impulses through their "body." However, I was curious if there were any types of plants that had nervous systems? Or something similar? Thank you!
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Moss Transportation System?

In my biology textbook, it says that mosses are avasculer and do not have xylem like spermatophytes. So by what means do mosses transport nutrients ?
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Apical dominance in plants?

Could someone help me understand a few concepts related to apical dominance: 1) why auxin is a dominant over other hormones? 2) how exactly the mechanism of apical dominance works?
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How does CO₂ concentration affect photosynthesis?

I have heard the theory that with the increase of CO<sub>2</sub> in the air, the speed of the photosynthesis would increase, thereby limiting the increase of CO<sub>2</sub>... more


Photosynthesis: What Powers the Splitting of Water?

The splitting of water is an endergonic (non-spontaneous) reaction, and thus would require energy (chemical work to be done) in order to happen.In Photosystem II, an enzyme catalyzes this... more
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Can herbs absorb harmful substances leached in water supply?

I have small herb garden (parsley, coriander mint and basil) that is watered from below by a hydrophilic filter using capillary action from a reservoir. This filter allows water soluble nutrients... more
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Could alternatives to Photosynthesis be possible?

I'm working on a world for stories and games, and I'm trying to figure out some more diverse plantlife. There are areas of the world that won't get enough sunlight for Photosynthesis, so I'm... more
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Regarding plant stress?

I have to plan a bioinformatic study on a plant. Microarray data is available for various stress treatments (drought, cold, osmotic and flood stress) on root and shoot tissues. I am a bit confused... more
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Do plants have cellulases?

I can't seem to find the answer to this. Not even Wikipedia could help- it mentioned bacteria and fungi that have cellulases but not plants. Using my own reasoning, I would think that - On the one... more
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Why are plants unable to take up Phosphorus directly in their organic form like Phytic Acid?

I am researching acquisition strategies of phosphorus by decidious trees. I am reading a lot that plants take up nutrients as their inorganic form. In the case of P according to literature this is... more


Where do all the NAD+s come from?

In the mitochondrial respiration (of plant cells) NADH is reduced from Nad+ as part of the TCA (converting malate to oxaleoacetate). But where do the NAD+s come from? The TCA cycle is working even... more
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How do trees use Adhesion and Cohesion to move water against gravity?

I have an AP Bio class where I have to name 3 properties of water and I chose adhesion and cohesion for one of them. I'm having trouble finding out how exactly trees use adhesion and cohesion to... more
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Why upper surface of leaves is more green and shiny than the lower one?

I have properly googled this and got various answers. However, those answers do not provide an answer to the "Why" part of my question. Why is it that the upper surface of leaves is more green than... more
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Why do plants store energy as carbohydrates and not as fats?

In my introductory biology class, we are learning about biomolecules. The textbook says fats are a more efficient energy store than carbohydrates.So my question is - why would plants store their... more

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