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Why do neurones use chemical signalling at synaptic junctions?

When a neurone fires, it sends an electrical signal that jumps down the axon via the nodes of Ranvier very rapidly. At a synaptic junction, chemical Brownian diffusion signalling with receptor... more


Why is mRNA needed in the Protein translation?

The original question was to predict the basic requirements for information storage. Then the discussion moved to why is it necessary to include mRNA in the protein translation process. Why can't... more


What came first? The DNA or the DNA polymerases?

I know this sounds a lot like chicken and egg question and while the latter has an answer, I am intrigued about the former.A modified form of the question would be, in the course of abiogenesis,... more
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Why and how does complexity usually tend to increase through time?

The question of complexity is classic in the very first lectures of evolutionary biology where the teacher usually tries to tell the students that complexity does not necessarily increase and that... more
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Does the genome make sense without knowledge of the ovum?

Much of the literature for laypeople seems to consider (and to spreadthe idea) that an animal (or a plant, I guess) is characterised by itsgenome. I do not know whether the same goes for more... more
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How did genome duplication in jawed vertebrates allow gene specialization?

I am currently reading from Chapter 15 in Principles of Life, 2nd Edition:>Many gene duplications affect only one or a few genes at a time, but in some cases entire genomes may be duplicated.... more


Why is ATP the preferred choice for energy carriers?

Why is ATP the most prevalent form of chemical energy storage and utilization in most cells?

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