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Erik Erikson - Generativity vs.Stagnation - Fear of death declines with age. why?

Why does fear about dying or death typically declines in late adulthood?What relationship does (Erik Erikson's) Generativity vs.Stagnation have to a full sense of Integrity vs Despair?We can have a... more

Will neurons die if they are inactive for a long time?

We know that when muscles are not used they atrophy. Does something similar also happen in neurons if they do not receive any stimulus?

Can tardigrades survive being eaten?

Compared to a tardigrade, the cockroach seems fragile. But can tardigrades survive the acidic environment of being eaten by most animals?

Which are the last cells of the human body to die?

When somebody dies, which are the last surviving cells of his/her body? Those of hair, nails, or some other obscure but resilient cells?Shedding light on why and how they are so vital might boost... more

First US police officer killed in the line of duty?

Who was the first US police officer killed in the line of duty? When and where did it take place? By US police officer, I mean any active-duty police officer working for any force in the US... more

Where did the skulls of dead Japanese soldiers end up?

I have read that there was a disturbingly common practice of American soldiers in the Pacific theater of WWII to take the skulls of dead Japanese soldiers as trophies to take home, give to... more


What produces the strong odor of decaying dead animals?

Are there specific chemicals responsible for producing the strong, putrid odor that is present after an animal deceases? Also, how long does this odor last?

What are some criticisms of Epicurus' "death is nothing to us"?

Epicurus famously asserted that death should not be feared, with roughly the following argument: 1. When we die, we no longer exist; 2. Since we no longer exist, we can feel neither pain nor... more


Is willful ignorance about one's own mortality escapism?

I don't mean if someone is dying of cancer and they refuse treatment or something -- I'm saying if a healthy person who is unhappy obsessing over his own inevitable death one day chooses to ignore... more

How do they make sure someone has really died before declaring them dead?

What is the way they determine someone died before declaring them dead? There are stories I've heard of over the years, people who's heart stopped, were brain dead, fell under ice rivers for half... more


Can one die from pain?

Is it possible that a human or any other creature can die from pain? I googled and found different answers. Some articles say Yes while others say No.

Did Andrew Jackson threaten to kill the Vice President?

In my Government and Politics class the other day, we were taught that Andrew Jackson threatened to kill the vice president. This sounded a bit odd to me so I wrote it in my notes and resolved to... more


Could a single cell be brought to life?

If a scientist is observing a single cell under a microscope, and then realizes that the cell has died, is it possible to bring that dead cell back to life?For my inquiry, let's assume that the... more


The multiple forms in which people died in the Cellist of Sarajevo by Steven Galloway?

I want to write an essay about all the forms of death in the book The Cellist of Sarajevo by Steven Galloway.

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