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Specific heat capacity of water

I’m doing an experiment in physics about the heat capacity of water and I have questions that I don’t understand- A little info->Task/Mission- Determine the specific heat capacity of the water. ... more
Temperature Chemistry Kelvin


How did scientists knew they needed kelvin scale?read description

My book says suppose this and that and there you go you got your kelvin scale.But the exact question which comes to my mind is if Charles law wasnt working for celsius scale how exactly did they... more


Real Life Examples of Solubility

What are some real life examples of when an experiment/procedure of temperature and the solubility of salts will have to be conducted? And why do these experiments have to be conducted?


What are some ways that companies are speeding up reactions?

I know that there could increase concentration/pressure and increase the temperature. But the question was asking for examples of ways companies speed up reactions, so I'm guessing real life examples. more
Temperature Math Chemistry Homework


Chemistry Dynamic Equilibrium - HELP

I don't understand this chart, but based on the question itself I assume either increasing or decreasing the temperature, decreasing the pressure, and increasing or decreasing the concentration of... more


What is the max. temperature (Celsius) that occurs on the second day?

f(t) = 18-4cos(π/12(t+1))t stands for the hour
Temperature Calculus


Temperature Calculus nEED HELP ASAP PLS!

 The temperature of a cup of coffee varies according to Newton's Law of Cooling: , where T is the temperature of the coffee, A is the room temperature, and k is a positive constant. If the coffee... more


Science help? Anything will help.

What is the total amount of energy emitted by an object with a temperature of 134°F? HINT: convert to degrees Kelvin before applying to the formula and round answer to the nearest tenth
Temperature Science Chemistry Chem


Rate of reaction question

I. Increasing the temperature increases the rate of a chemical reaction BECAUSE II. the activation energy is lowered. A) I is TRUE, II is FALSE B) I is FALSE, II is TRUE C) I and II are BOTH FALSE... more


Chemistry problem about gas laws

Determine the temperature of the gas that has the following properties:R = 0.08205 L•atm/mol•K.P = 2.07 atmV = 32.8 Ln = 2.88 molI know the formula is R=(L.atm)/(mol.K) but i know the R and it is... more


Chemistry exercise about gas laws

A sample of gas has an initial volume of 545 mL and an initial temperature of 298 K. If the volume is changed to 495 mL, what is the new temperature? Assume pressure and amount remain constant.... more
Temperature Biology Water


The specific heat of water is relatively high. This means that...

It takes a relatively small amount of energy to change its temperature.It tends to stabilize the temperatures of nearby land.It tends to destabilize the temperatures of nearby land, subjecting it... more

Why do certain areas on Earth have a higher or lower air pressure at sea level?

For instance, looking at [this map of world air pressure in January](http://www.mapsofworld.com/world-maps/wind-and-pressure-jan-enlarge-map1.html) and [this map of... more


Cold water sour taste?

Recently I underwent a wisdom tooth extraction, and while there is still numbness I have observed something peculiar. If I drink cold water, it tastes sour, however the same effect is not observed... more


Why are there different vertical gradients of temperature in different layers of the atmosphere?

The temperature of the troposphere decreases with altitude whereas it is opposite in the stratosphere and again fluctuates. Why is this so?


How is temperature sensed?

Can anyone summarize the mechanism by which when an object of a given temperature is placed in contact with, say, the skin on a human fingertip, the average speed of the particles of the object is... more

How does water buffer a sudden drop in temperature?

A property of water is that it is slow to heat and cool. According to my biology book, some energy from an increase in temperature would spent breaking hydrogen bonds, so that temperature does not... more


What is the benefit of fever during infections?

When people get sick, they often develop a fever. What is the effect of an increased body temperature on viruses and bacteria in the body? Is it beneficial to the infected body? Importantly, often... more


July/August hottest months (northern hemisphere): because of continued warming or other effects?

In the northern hemisphere, July and August are the hottest months statistically<sup>1</sup>, but the days start shortening after June 21st. Is this just because the Northern... more


Are cloudy nights warmer than nights without clouds?

I have noticed this winter that nights without clouds (especially when the 12h before the night where not cloudy) were way colder than the cloudy ones. It makes sense to me because the clouds can... more


What's the maximum and minimum temperature a human can survive?

This is a question that has been in my mind since I was a kid. I'm not a doctor, nor even a biology student, just a curious person. What is the minimum and maximum temperature a human body can... more
Temperature Math Chemistry 10th Grade


What is the volume of oxygen gas (in Liters) that will be produced if 3.5 g H_2O will react at a pressure of 119 kPa and temperature of 35 degrees Celsius?

According that H_2O reacts with Na_2O_2 according to the following equation:2Na_2O_2 + 2H_2O yields 4NaOH + 1O_2

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