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What is the white and gray matter in the brain really made of?

Hi, I'm really interested in neurology and neuroanatomy and I was confused about white and gray matter in the brain. White matter is myelinated axons and gray matter is somas, but doesn't each... more
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Can someone clarify whether the cingulate cortex is part of the limbic lobe (not to be confused with the limbic system)?

To my knowledge, the limbic lobe consists for the cortical component of the limbic system whilst the remainder of the limbic system is composed of the subcortical components. More specifically, can... more


Are centrioles really absent in human neurons?

A booklet (issued by my school) claims, Centrioles, formerly believed to be absent in neurons, have been described in neurons and may be associated with the production and maintenance of... more
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What is the Circle of Willis?


ANS Critical Thinking Question

Propranolol is a drug known as an Adrenergic Antagonist. Specifically, when it binds to β receptors (a subcategory of adrenergic receptors), it antagonizes any effects that result when... more
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What's the purpose of the lateral ventricles?

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What are the primary functions of the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex?

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What is a circuit in neuroanatomy terminology?

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What is the difference between neuroanatomy and neurobiology?

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Why is Wernike's area of the brain called Wernike's area?

My teacher told us that this area of the brain helps with the comprehension of language and it is located in the temporal lobe of the cortex, but she never told us why is was called Wernike's area... more
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What brain areas are involved in language processing?

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The first species having circle of Willis (circulus arteriosus cerebri)?

I know mammals are not the only species that have this anatomical unit (i.e. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3982101/). But I was wondering what was the __first species__ that had a... more
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Is the reach of a neuron limited by the direction of its axon?

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Where is the fusiform gyrus located?

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What composes the "interstitial" space in the brain?

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What is the gross anantomy of the brain?

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Lateral corticospinal tract and termination?

I'm studying the motor pathways of the brain and I'm a bit confused about how the lateral corticospinal tract descends. From `Neuroanatomy: Text and Atlas` by Martin, J. H., 4th edition, right... more


How and where, in the human brain, are memories stored?

Background: I am a computer programmer who is fascinated by artificial intelligence and artificial neural networks, and I am becoming more curious about how biological neural networks work. Context... more
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What is neuroanatomy?

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