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Nervous System


lithitripsy is _________of stones and calculi

is a 10 letter word ending in "ring"
Nervous System


electrical disturbances in the brain connected with epileptic seizures

Starts with dy
Nervous System


Good accountability involves speaking clearly and carefully

I need to know this question so i can get my answers right and so I do not flunk
Nervous System


The parasympathetic nervous system's ganglionic neurons are Short and often are located?

Multiple choice A) the spindle of skeletal muscle B) in the wall of the organs they Innervate. C) near multiple effectors so they can be used in Mass activation.


A channel through a plasma membrane through which one type or a few types of ions can pass

A channel through a plasma membrane through which one type or a few types of ions can pass   a) ion passageway  b)active transport facilitator c)ion channel  d)nerve ending 


How does the nervous and hormonal systems interact and what would happen if either malfunctioned? Using the control of heart rate as an example.

Hello.   The question is part of what I have to do for my school work but I can't find anything on the web or in textbooks.   Plz Help.
Nervous System Anatomy & Physiology


How can the brain overcome a reflex?

How can the brain overcome a reflex when there is perception of the stimuli is know?    For example,    I want to pick up and move a hot plate, if I just grabbed it without thinking I would... more

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