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A training field is formed by joining a rectangle and two semicircles, as shown below. The rectangle is 96 m long and 70 m wide. What is the length of a training track running around the field?It... more
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As a sample of water turns to ice ?? Please help!

Q. As a sample of water turns to ice? A. New molecules are formedB.the mass of the sample is increased C.The arrangement of molecules changeD.Energy is absorbed by the molecules


Word Problem Math Homework

At a competing cupcake store, $4,610 worth of cupcakes are sold daily. The chocolate cupcakes cost $2.25 and the red velvet cupcakes cost $1.75. If the total number of cupcakes sold per day... more


What is the exponential growth function in terms of P and 0.03?

Suppose that ap is invested in a savings account in which interest k is coumpounded continuously at 3% per year. The balance P(t) after time t, in years, is P(t) is P(t)=PeKT

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