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Calculus Question. Please anwser!

Many people argue that there should be four types of conics instead of three. How many types of conics do you think there should be? Support your claim. Refer to the diagram below to help you.

Calculus Question. Please help!

 Write the equation of the cosine function that models the values in the following table.x 0 5 10 15 20 25 30--------------------------------------------------------y -5 -8 -11... more

Please help! Calculus question!

Sounds are how we perceive pressure waves in the air. The note F-sharp, more than 2 octaves above the note 'middle C', is a sound wave with an ordinary frequency* f = 1584 Hertz or cycles/sec. If... more

Pre-Calculus Question. Please Help!

 Kate has 12 different types of flowers but she wants to make a floral arrangement with only 9 of them. How many possible flower arrangements are there?

Calculus Question. Please Help!

Given the following system of equations,a) build an augmented matrix to represent the system of equations,b) show the elementary row operations that lead to a reduced row form, andc) find the... more

Pre-Calculus Question. Please Help!

Convert the following Cartesian equation into a polar equation.If you need to include the symbol θ in your answer, use the word "theta" instead.y = 4x +5
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So i got this question on my assignment about matrix it says that i have to proof one of the matrix properties

Assume A is a 3 x 3 matrix with |A| ≠ 0. Show that A-1XA = I , by using your own example.I've tried using some random numbers but it seems that it doesn't work, so there must be some rules to proof... more
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If f(x) = 3x-8, what is f^-1(-4)

I was given the following Piecewise function:f(x) = 3x-18, x<0f(x) = x2-8, 0≤x<3f(x) = (x-2)3, x≥3And I was asked:What is f -1(-4)It was multiple choice. The given answers were:A: -20B: 3/4C:... more
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look i am desperate. please someone ACTUALLY help me with my math homework please??

Determine whether the given sequence could be geometric, arithmetic, or neither. If possible, identify either the common ratio or the common difference.4, 2, 1, 1/2, ....  A.) geometric; r = 2B.)... more
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Recall the equation for a circle with center ( h , k ) and radius r

Recall the equation for a circle with center (h,k) and radius r. At what point in the first quadrant does the line with equation y=2x+2 intersect the circle with radius 3 and center (0, 2)?x = y = 
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Convert the rectangular equation x^2 +(y+2)^2 =4 to a polar equation

Please help me with a step by step so I can find my mistake thank you
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Can someone please answer this for me, I have been trying to work it out but I get an incorrect answer. Thank you

An object is objected to two forces: f1=112 lbs at 231degrees from the north clockwise and f2=108 lbs at N 16degrees W .. I have to find the components of F1 and write in standard form, using i and... more
Pre Calculus Trigonometry


What is the altitude of the plane?

A plane approaches an airport runway. The runway is 9000ft long. The pilot sights the start of the runaway at an 18.8° angle of depression, and the end of the runway at a 17.5° angle of depression.... more
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Find all solutions in [0,2𝜋) cos 4𝑥 = − √2/2

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Verify: (sin 𝑥/cosx+1) + (cos 𝑥−1/sinx) = 0

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Write an equivalent expression for 6 sin^4 𝑥 that does not contain powers of trigonometric functions greater than 1

the x is not raised to the power of 6
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Solve this problem please

Given that sin u = −2/5 , u in quadrant III, and cos v = 3/4 , v in quadrant IV, find the exact value of sin(u + v).
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Write equations of cosine functions using properties

Find an equation for a sinusoidal function that has period 2​𝜋, amplitude 1, and contains the point (𝜋,4)Cos2pi/2pi=1Cos(x)4 = Cos(pi+C)+D4= Cos (pi+0) +D4= Cos (pi)+D4= (-1) +D My... more
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This is a circular trig problem that I need help on (pre calculus).

The latitude of London, England is 51.5 N. How far is London from the North Pole if the radius of the earth is approximately 39363 miles?
Pre Calculus Trigonometry


Graphing cosine functions

How would I add increments of p/4 to an x-axis when phase shifting a cosine graph.Say my x-axis looks like:0 | | p/2 | | p | | 3p/2 | | 2pHow do I... more
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Which of the following is the general solution of the differential equation dy dx equals the quotient of 8 times x and y

options - a) y2 = x2 + Cb)x2 - y2 = Cc)y2 = 4x2 + Cd)y2 = 8x2 + CI think its D

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