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Does the following statement make sense?

My Pre-Cal professor asked my class if the following statement made sense mathematically:"My body temperature is a function of my age."We were assigned to explain why or why not this statement made... more


What acute angle (theta) satisfies the equation sin(theta) = cos (2(theta) + 60degrees)?

find an acute angle (theta) that satisfies the equation sin(theta) = cos (2(theta) + 60°)


what is (4+3i)^4

I got -527+336i but I can't figure out how to get that answer.


Find 2 functions f and g such that h(x)=[fog](x).

Neither function may be the identity function f(x)=x.h(x)=√(4x+2) +7Can someone give me a step by step explanation because it is kind of confusing and complex to understand, thank you


please help me with this

Suppose that the revenue​ R, in​ dollars, from selling x cell​ phones, in​ hundreds, is R(x)=-1.2x^2+246x The cost​ C, in​ dollars, from selling x cell​ phones, in​ hundreds, C(x)-0.07x^3... more


please help with this function

if f(x)= 4x^3+Ax^2+7x-3 and f(2)=1, what is the value of A?


What is the polynomial function of least degree whose only zeros are −2 , 3, and 4?




1.Kevin's hydro-electric company charges a 1.7% late fee on an overdue balance. The company charged him $0.76 for an overdue balance. What was the balance on which this fee was based? A) $26.84 ... more


Pre-Calculus. .

The radioactive element​ carbon-14 has a​ half-life of 5750 years. A scientist determined that the bones from a mastodon had lost 59.7% of their​ carbon-14. How old were the bones at the time they... more


Apple And Pie Question

Apple and Pie stand near the foot of a tall mountain and measure their angles of elevation to the summit of the mountain T. Apple stands at point A and measures 37°. Pie stands at point P and... more


still not getting it

You are given that sin(A)=−7/25, with A in Quadrant IV, and sin(B)=−12/13, with B in Quadrant III. Find cos(A+B). Give your answer as a fraction.


A bridge is covered with triangular panels to keep the kids from looking down and getting scared. If there are seven panels on each side (length of 1.7 meters) of the bridge, find the total area.

Find the total area to cover the bridge. Each panel is an isosceles triangle. B is 70 degrees.


Pre-Calculus: Circle

It has a diameter with endpoints A(-1,4) and B(4,2)


Absolute value function as a piecewise function

Hello, I am a former ninth grader currently taking pre-calculus over the course of the summer. I'm am doing an honors assignment. The assignment involves the function f(x)=|x|. She wants my to... more


how to express cos in terms of sine


Find the domain and vertical asymptotes

f(x)=x^2 / x^2−4


What is an orthogonal vector to (4, 2)?


Systems of equations

Here's the question. The dimensions of the rectangular foundation of a house is represented by the expressions (x+5) and (x-4). The area of the foundation can be represented by y+20 and the... more


What are the length of the Adjacent sides? Optimization

A landscape architect wished to enclose a rectangular garden on one side by a brick wall costing $50/ft and on the other three sides by a metal fence costing $40/ft. If the area of the garden is 82... more
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