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Location of embryo development in angiosperms?

What floral organ does the development of the embryos of angiosperms occurs in? Is it the ovary? The pollen tube grows down through the style and double fertilization occurs and the embryo begins... more
Plant Anatomy Botany


Is it possible to graft plants from different families?

For example, I have some Eastern Hemlock rootstock (Pinaceae), and want to graft a scion from Dawn Redwood (Cupressaceae) onto it. Is this possible? Is anything like this possible?
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Why are newly grown leaves red?

After a period of heavy rain, several trees in my garden will put out an impressive burst of new leaves, with an incredible vibrant red colour, almost the colour of port wine. The new leaves will... more
Plant Anatomy Botany


Do aquatic plants have stomata?

I am wondering if aquatic plants have stomata or not. I know that non-aquatic plants have stomata to release water(transpiration) and oxygen, and to take in carbon dioxide. Do aquatic plants also... more
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Why do plant leaves turn yellow?

Why do plant leaves turn yellow if they don't get enough water or get too much water? I want to know the process. I've been searching in Google for an explanation, but none of the sites did. Please... more
Plant Anatomy Botany Plant Physiology


How do plants grow year after year even though they die?

How do plants grow, die, and then grow again? For instance, when my plants die during the winter, how do they grow again next year? Does it have something to do with the root system? Or do they... more


Why do plants store energy as carbohydrates and not as fats?

In my introductory biology class, we are learning about biomolecules. The textbook says fats are a more efficient energy store than carbohydrates.So my question is - why would plants store their... more
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Is pith a ground tissue with no specialized function?

Here is a question from the book My Max Score SAT Biology E/M Subject Test* (where the SAT is the exam taken by American high school students): > Ground tissue with no specialized function A.... more
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Using anatomical terms for human organs and parts of plants?

I know how to apply anatomical directional terms (e.g., dorsal/ventral, anterior/posterior, etc.) for animals as a whole (bipeds and quadrupeds). Recently, I've been studying plant physiology,... more

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