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How do I add common stocks to the cash balance on a balance sheet?

I am currently working on my Accounting homework and I cannot figure out this answer. I have everything figured out except for the correct cash balance on the balance sheet. A side not says that... more

journal entries need help

Werman Peralta, Attorney at Law, opened his office on Sept. 1, 2018. the following transactions were completed during the month.a. Deposited 210,000 in the bank in the name of business.b. Bought... more


Nit picky personal accounting question: What is the right way to record borrowing from yourself?

I keep a spreadsheet with my personal financial statements (balance sheet, income statement, cash flow) that generally follows the corporate approach. I omit considerations of depreciation, etc.... more

Quickbook Balance Sheet showing strange numbers (to me at least)?

I have been using quickbooks for some time (less than a year) and today when I was looking at my balance sheet I noticed something that seems really strange to me. My Total Assets number is... more
Balance Sheet Accounting Stocks Cash Flow


Why doesn't change in accounts receivable on balance sheet match cash flow statement?

If we take a look at the [balance sheet] for Microsoft, I see `Net Receivables` as `21,485,000 [2014]` and `19,118,000 [2013]` On the [cash flow statement], I see `Changes In Accounts... more

Need verification on my answer please.

Which statement accumulates all that you own and all that you owe?   a.) cash flow b.) balance sheet c.) profit and loss d.) sales projection e.) income   Note: I'm leaning more towards... more
Balance Sheet


Whats a balance sheet

How does a balance sheet work
Balance Sheet Assets


Accounting Question for a Balance Sheet

I'm doing current assets on a balance sheet. It wants the assets in order of liquidity. I know cash is #1 but what order does it come in after that? Here are my options: #1: Cash Accounts... more
Balance Sheet


balance sheet

A firm has the following items on a its balance sheet:   cash                                                                               ... more

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