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Hardy Weinberg principle?

The principle is that sum total of all allelic frequencies is 1.Individual frequencies for example can be named p,q.In a diploid cell , p and q represent the frequency of allele A and a... more

US history Use evidence to support your answer. Responses should be 4-5 sentences.

Why did the Soviets pull their missiles out of Cuba?
Homework Chemistry


Chemistry helpppp

Given the reaction, 4 NH3 + 3 O2 —> 2 N2 + 6 H2O , if 12.0 moles of NH3 are used, then how many moles of water are made.


Solve the equation log3 (x) + log3 (x − 8) = 2

The equation is log3(x) + log3(x − 8) = 2. Sorry for any confusion. I am trying to solve this problem and I have gotten this far into solving it:log3(x(x-8))=2log3(X2-8x)=2but I'm not sure how to... more


Is pith a ground tissue with no specialized function?

Here is a question from the book My Max Score SAT Biology E/M Subject Test* (where the SAT is the exam taken by American high school students): > Ground tissue with no specialized function A.... more


A sedimentary rock with only minerals?

In my text book I came across this multiple-choice question>A sedimentary rock consists of only minerals and lacks fossils, it could be classified as:>i) a clastic sedimentary rock>ii) a... more
Homework Genetics


How to calculate the percentage of heterozygous cells based on a gene map?

I've encountered the following question and am quite stumped by it.A female with genotype AABBCC has been hybridized with a male that has the genotype aabbcc. The first generation (F1) has been... more


Amino acid profile of GPCRs?

> You are studying cellular signalling through a newly identified GPCR. Specifically you’re working on a pair of newly identified GPCRs, GPCR-A and GPCR-B. Each binds the same small ligand, but... more

Blebbistatin effect on vesicles?

Blebbistatin is a drug that specifically inhibits the assembly of myosin in the cytoskeleton. What effect would you expect blebbistatin to have on intracellular vesicles?  The formation of vesicles... more
Homework Math Precalculus


Finding the polynomial of a degree?

Find a polynomial of degree 4 with real coefficients, whose roots include -2,5 and 3-2i. (Note, it must be in factored form. But the answer should not have i.)I am aware that -2 becomes x-2 and 5... more
Homework Ecology Gis


Categories for supervised classification, wildlife analysis?

I am using GIS to undertake a small research on the loss of natural habitat in north England. I will be using Supervised Classification where I train the system on a few examples, e.g. - shallow... more


Find a polynomial of degree 3 whose roots are 0,1,3 and so thay f(2)=10

Find a polynomial of degree 3 whose roots are 0,1,3 and so thay f(2)=10I have no idea how to solve this and the tutors in my school are no help, can anyone here help me?


What happens to the red blood cell in CaCl₂ solution?

Here's the problem:One red blood cell is placed in a hypertonic solution of NaCl, another isplaced in a solution of CaCl2 equimolar with the NaCl solution. Whatwould you expect to happen and why?My... more


Could a single cell be brought to life?

If a scientist is observing a single cell under a microscope, and then realizes that the cell has died, is it possible to bring that dead cell back to life?For my inquiry, let's assume that the... more


Solving Hardy Weinberg problems?

I really fail to understand Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium and can't find an easy enough source of information. Can you help me to understand Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium? My goal is to be able to... more
Homework Algebra 1


What is y-77=229

i Need to know what minus 77 equals 229
Homework School


How do I find the area of a square

Hello, I was wondering if you could help me find the area of this question I’m only in 5th grade and this is really hard!! Thanks so muchproblem— Marie is clearing an area of her yard to turn into... more


how do you factor four term polynomials?

6q2-5pq-6q+5pi factored and i got (6q-5p)(q-1) then got stuck.how do i solve the whole equation?
Homework Geometry


need help with geometry!!

You draw a sketch of your room. The linear dimensions of your sketch are 25 times smaller than your actual room. You sketched your room to be 3.84 in by 3.6 in. What is the area of your actual room... more


im doing homework and this is my question

Select each ordered pair that is a solution to this linear equation.=-2x-1


Easy Problem, But Confused

If the sum of two numbers is 9, and the difference is 3, what is the larger and small number? I know it's pretty easy, but i have missed class recently. Thanks!



A test consists of nine true/false questions. A student who forgot to study guesses randomly on every question. What is the probability that the student answers at least two questions correctly?


Probability (GEOMETRY)

A meeting takes place between a diplomat and fourteen government officials. However, four of the officials are actually spies. If the diplomat gives secret information to ten of the attendees at... more

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