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Database Sql


Creating a ERD Diagram using UML notation

A student may register for many subjects and a subject is registered by many students.A student’s number, name and age needs to be stored in the database.Each subject’s code, name, duration, cost... more


This is the database that i want to use, https://www.w3schools.com/sql/trysql.asp?filename=trysql_op_inFind the average price for all the products from the USA supplier.
Database Sql W3schools.com


Database SQL Question

using https://www.w3schools.com/sql/trysql.asp?filename=trysql_op_in, we want to find the number of products in the table Products (the table has 77 rows) that was sold to the USA customers. No... more

Database Questions

1.     Discuss some applications of active databases.2.     Discuss how time is represented in temporal databases and compare the different time dimensions. 3.     What are the differences between... more

Please answer the short prompt regarding database storage solutions and structure. Which data storage solution is best?

Situation:You've just been brought into a company that's looking at how decisions are ultimately made by a Hollywood studio regarding casting. You have been asked to collect and store a wide... more

ER Diagrams - relations

The SingLanka Record Bar has decided to store information about musicians who perform on its albums in a database. Consider the following requirements to design a database for the company... more

Realtional Database vs File Based System

Explain the advantages of RELATIONAL DATABASE MODEL over file based system


Explicitly create Class for joining table or not for Java JPA many-to-many relationships

Hi,For those who have used Java JPA (Hibernate or EclipseLink) I wanted to ask your opinion on the best way to represent m2m relationships in the Entity classes. The choice as I see it is to... more


Give an example of a many-to-many relationship and explain its unsuitability for a relational database.

Designing a database requires both a logical design and a physical design. The logical design models the database from a business perspective. The organization's data model should reflect its key... more

Database Internals - Where to Begin?

So lets say that you want to learn some stuff about database internals. What's the best source code to look at? the best books to buy?I was talking about this with a buddy the other day and he... more


Storing Images in DB - Yea or Nay?

So I'm using an app that stores images heavily in the DB. What's your outlook on this? I'm more of a type to store the location in the filesystem, than store it directly in the DB.What do you think... more
Database Web Design Mysql


Godaddy's database is full and need to upgrade

What would be the best way to update database storage. whats the best solution to upgrade database storage?I can not install WordPress due to storage limitation.

Structured data

Hi i am doing research about Structured data and I am not able to find significant information about Structured data.What are the different types of Structured data?What are the advantages and... more


Is there a database of cell images?

We're working on an algorithm for processing images of cells, similar to but much more basic than [Cell Profiler](http://www.cellprofiler.org/), and we are looking for a large database of cell... more


Database of Multicellular and Unicellular organisms?

I'm trying to annotate a list of organisms taken from NCBI for cellularity (unicellular or multicellular). Does any of you ever found a database with association between an organisms' name or taxa... more

Oracle DB: delete all the contents?

I have oracle DB it is for testing purpose, I have not added any tables. I just want clear all the files like control, redo, archive, date. Ultimately I want fresh db. I know it can done by delete... more
Database Genetics Homework


Where should I start looking for an online gene library?

Is there an online library that includes all known genes in stored in their nucleotide form of all living organisms? I'm presuming that such a database doesn't exist. So to kick of my search, how... more

What is a database transaction?

Can someone provide a straightforward explanation of a transaction as applied to computing?


How to write a simple database engine?

I am interested in learning how a database engine works (i.e. the internals of it). I know most of the basic data structures taught in CS (trees, hash tables, lists, etc.) as well as a pretty good... more


Why does "Conversion from string "ID" to type integer is not valid" show on my program?

I'm trying to display my database on textboxes, with the help of the combobox for the ID. However, whenever I run my program, the error **"Conversion from string "ID" to type integer is not... more


i need help with PL/SQL (Oracle)

Write a complete PL/SQL program that enables a user to interact with a database of your choice (for example you may choose employee database, or student, or a library database, … etc). The database... more


Data Warehouses

Write a query that retrieves finance amounts from "FactFinance" in the "AdventureWorksDW2016CTP3" database and returns those amounts, organized by month, and showing a 3-month rolling average.


Emma frequently updates a spreadsheet on her computer. How can she ensure that she doesn’t lose her data?

i dont know the answer to this question and need help
Database Java Programming


java swing connected to database

Create a Java Program which can do the following:1. A list of items that shows any inforamtion such as about various cars, foods etc. 2. When you click any item, the description of that item and... more
Database Html Dreamweaver Php


eCommerce with Dreamweaver, Please help

I have a question , Currently i Have a store Locally. However i want to put them online and sell through my website. I created a site with Dreamweaver. Basically i dont want to write code for each... more

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