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Osmosis Cell Biology


Osmosis - Estimating the water concentration of red onion epidermal cells

An investigation was carried out to estimate the water concentration of red onion epidermal cells. Pieces of epidermis were covered with a drop of salt solution on a microscope slide. After 5... more
Osmosis Biology Tonicity


How would I conduct an experiment to create a saline solution that has the same tonicity as my fellow worker? How does the saline actually work?

You and 2 other biologists are conducting a field study in a remote high country valley in Kings Canyon national park. This evening one of your fellow biologist cut himself very bad while... more

Can I kill bacteria with distilled water?

Given that bacteria are hypertonic (contain more salts) compared to distilled water, and that they rely on ion concentration differences across the plasma membrane to survive, can I kill a... more

Why don't cells of aquatic animals burst?

We know that if we keep plant cells in water, they don't burst because of a cell wall. But the cells of aquatic animals lack cell walls but they still survive. Why?


What happens to the red blood cell in CaCl₂ solution?

Here's the problem:One red blood cell is placed in a hypertonic solution of NaCl, another isplaced in a solution of CaCl<sub>2</sub> equimolar with the NaCl solution. Whatwould you... more


What happens to the red blood cell in CaCl₂ solution?

Here's the problem:One red blood cell is placed in a hypertonic solution of NaCl, another isplaced in a solution of CaCl2 equimolar with the NaCl solution. Whatwould you expect to happen and why?My... more


Explain how and why tube 1 and tube 2 would look different after one hour

A student set up an experiment to investigate osmosis. The student used visking tubing which is a partially permeable membrane. The student put 25cm3 of 20% sucrose solution into visking tube 1... more


What is the diff. Of hypertonic, hypotonic and an isotonic cell

I know abt. Isotonic etc. Types of solutions   But i searched over the books and the internet about it and i cant find a single info


Although osmosis is a passive process, it is influenced by?

Multiple choice question: A) the amount of ATP present. B) the ability of all the solutes to pass through the Cellular membrane. C) all of these. D) the molecular size of the water molecule.
Osmosis Chemistry


Osmosis related question

The reason for osmosis is :-   (1) The vapour pressure of solvent is less than that of solution (2) The vapour pressure of solution is less than that of solvent (3) Movement of solvent... more


Really confused with this question. Please help!

The following diagram (sorry, cant put in the diagram)shows what happened 10 minutes after the start of an experiment. The starch suspension in the membrane turned blue-black while the iodine... more

Amoebae in Fresh Water

Amoebae which live in fresh water take in water and store excess in a contractile vacuole, which occasionally expels the excess water. Why does water continually enter fresh water Amoebae? Marine... more
Osmosis Biology


How salinity affects transpiration rates?

We did an experiment in our biology class about how salinity concentration affects the impatien plant. We made solutions of 2.5%, 5% and 10% with the control being 0%. We watered a set of two... more


Osmosis - cell transport

Osmosis is the movement of water from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration across a semi permeable membrane, but how does it link to the surrounding water being Hypertonic,... more

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