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do you think it easier graph a parabola using standard form or vertex form? Why?

I am just curious which one would be the preferable option when graphing a parabola


graphing slope intercdept

Given the system of equations below, first rewrite each equation in slope-intercept form. Then graph the system of equations on a coordinate plane, labeling each line and the solution point. Upload... more


Write an equation in standard form of the parabola that has vertex (-6, -9) and passes through the point (5, 475).

this is my math problem for college algebra i can't get it can I please get help.


Graph Transformtions

given g(x)=3(cube root of -x)+6  describe the transformations in the appropriate order. Create a sketch of the new function and label 3 points.   I was unsure of how to put in a cube root symbol... more


Graphing a Rational Function

Please help me graph this rational function g(x) = (-5x)/(x2-9) I'm stuck with plotting the points and sketching the graph.
Graphing X Intercept


how to find x intercept and one other point if i use -9x +2y=4

Please help! been stuck on this for a while!
Graphing X Intercept


how do I find the x intercept and one other point if i use 3x - 5y =10

Help! i can't figure this out!


what is the x intercept, y intercept and one other point using 1/4x + 7 = y

Forgot how to do this, Help!

Calculus 2 Help Finding the Area of the Curve

1.) Sketch the region enclosed by the curves below.2.) Decide whether to integrate with respect to x or y.3.) Find the area of the region.   2y=5sqrt(x), y=3, and 2y+1x=6


y=4 x 2 +12x+9

a) If graph opens up or downb) Vertexc) Axis of symmetryd) x and y interceptse) Sketch a graph
Graphing Algrebra


Perpendicular Graphing #20

Write the equation of the line perpendicular to y= -2 that passes through (5, -3).
Graphing Algebra


Parallel graphing #19

Write the equation of the line parallel to y= -2 that passes through (5, -3).


(x+4)^2/9-(y+3)^2/16=1 State the center, vertices,equation of asymptotes,and the foci.Graph the hyperbolas

graphong hyperbolas


(x-2)^2/9+(y-1)^2/4=1 graph the ellipse and state the center and the foci



x^2+y^2=16 grasp the circle and find the center

Graphing circles


Find the equation for a line with a slope of 1/2 and that passes through the point (1,-3).Graph the line

find the equation and graphing 


Find the equation and slope for a line that passes through the points (1,4) and (-2,10).Graph the line

finding equations and graphing 


graph area

Suppose that you are driving and you gradually accelerate from 50 mph to 70 mph over a two-hour period. Your speed (in miles per hour) hours after you start accelerating can be modeled by the... more


Find the coordinates????

Quadrilateral ABCD:   the point A is (−1, −1), the point B is (3, 6) and the point C is (9, 4). D is unknown but below the x axis.     The diagonals AC and BD intersect at M. Angle BMA =... more


Which is the best name for a quadrilateral with vertices at (2,2), (5,-2), (1,-5), and (-2,-1)?

My math teacher didn't go over this very well and I need some help! Math isn't my best subject and I just want to understand! Thank you!

Find the set of values for k?

Find the set of values for k for which the line y=2x−k meets the curve y=x2+kx−2 at two distinct points.   I only know you have to use a discriminant. :/


Pre calculus

I need help!   1)Graph the parametric curve. x(t)=3t y(t)+9t^2 t=1   2) graph the polar equation r=theta^2   3) graph the polar equation. r=5cos(theta)   4)graph. x(9)=(√t)... more


how will the graph of the function y=x^2 be affected if the coefficient of x^2 is decreased to 1/2?

graph decrease

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