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Find k such that the line is tangent to the graph of the function.

Function: f(x)= kx Line: y=4x+4


Consider the region between the graph of f(x)=x−2 and the x-axis on [2,4]. For the line of rotation given below, use a definite integral to find the volume of the resulting solid.

Around the line x=7 The volume of the solid is___________? PLEASE show work!! STEP BY STEP!!!


Do I get rid of the parenthesis?

In a function notation equation, for example:f(x) = x2 - 1; Find f(-6)When I am plugging in (-6), do I keep the parenthesis, resulting in my answer being 35?


If f is a linear function such that f(x+2) - f(x) = 6, find the value of inverse of f (x+2) - inverse of f(x)

Only clue she gave us was f(x)= mx+b but I don't know how to utilize that information.


write the domain and range of the function.

h(x)= -|x+1|+2


write the domain and range of the function.

h(x)= -|x+1|+2


Is finding the equivalence of two functions undecidable?

Is it impossible to know if two functions are equivalent? For example, a compiler writer wants to determine if two functions that the developer has written perform the same operation, what methods... more


What's the difference between a method and a function?

Can someone provide a simple explanation of methods vs. functions in OOP context?


K(x)=-x+16;find k(5)


Quiksilver, Inc., the makers of the Quiksilver and Roxy clothing lines, has had steadily increasing profits over the past several years. The profits for Quiksilver, Inc. are given in the chart.

A bar chart with 5 bars of unequal heights is titled "Gross Profits for Quicksilver, Inc." The horizontal axis is labeled "Year." The vertical axis is labeled "Gross profit (millions of dollars)"... more


Given two equations, find the solution

Two cars get different mileage. The first car gets 58 miles to the gallon on average. The second car gets 16 miles to the gallon on average. An advertisement claims that average consumer will save... more


Which equation is a function of x



mystery function

How does one find an equation for data given a set of ordered pairs (the function is not linear)?My series begins: (1,1), (2,5), (3,14), (4, 30), (5, 55), (6,91). I am curious about the answer but... more


What is the height function?

The height s above the ground at time t of a falling object is given by s(t) = −5t2 + v0t + s0 where s is in meters, t is in seconds, v0 is the object's initial velocity in meters per second and s0... more


How to solve a quartic function with two unknown factors?

Hi, been stuck on this one for a while. Any help would be appreciated.   z4 - 2z3 + az2 + bz + 10 = 0, where a and b are real numbers. One of the solutions is 3+i.   I've tried solving for a... more


Is x=y+4 is a function or not?

Function or not?


Is 2y=x is a Function or not?

Function or Not?


Is y=x+1 is a Function or not?

Function or Not?


Is y=x is a function or not?

Function or not?


Consider the function represented by 9x + 3y = 12 with x as the independent variable. How can this function be written using function notation?

how can this function be written using function notation


is x=y^9 a function

how do I know if this is a function or not since it is y to the ninth power


F(x).F(1/x)=F(x)+F(1/x) and F(3)=28 then find the value of F(4)

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