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Confusion on Practice Sheet

5x+y2=25 (Not a linear equation because any exponent higher than one is "an issue) 8+y=4x (is a linear equation but I don't know how to put it in standard form, please help?) 9xy-6x=7 (not a linear... more


Rounding to the nearest ten in standard form

Rhode island has about three hundred fifty-six thousand acres forested land. What is this number in standard form rounded to the nearest ten thousand?A 350,000B 400,000C 360,000D 356,000


What is the answer 2 thousands + 12 hundreds


Standard form of 26/5


what are the x-and y-intercepts of the graph of -7x+4y=-14?

1) x-intercept:2y-intercept: -3.52) x-intercept: -2y-intercept: 3.53) x-intercept: -7y-intercept: 44) x-intercept:7y-intercept: -4


Which of the following is an equation of a vertical line?

1) -4=16x2) 4x+5y=-13) 3y=-94) 4x+5y=0


which of the following equation are non linear?

which of the following equations are non-linear?a) y = -4x^2 - 7 b) 7 x - 9y = 118 c) -5/3x = 2y d) y = 5x^3 + 8x e) y = 9x + 2 and for each linear equation, rewrite in standard form.


The equation in standard form is...

The line has the same slope as 2x-y=3 and the same y-intercept as the graph of 3y-10x=9.The equation in standard form is...


How do I know which numbers to enter for the smaller and larger value?

Fnd two x intercepts (smaller and larger x value) for the quadratic function f(x)=-x^2+2x+5


How do I write the standard form when a graph is given?

Write the standard form of the graph with the points (0,3) and (-2,-1).


what is the polynomial in standard form with zeros of 4,1,0,0?

asap what is the polynomial in standard form with zeros of 4,1,0,0


Through(2,-4), slope=-1


Write an equation of a parabola in standard form using a focus and directrix.

A parabola has a focus of (3,6) and the directrix is y=2. What is the equation for the parabola in standard form?


Write an equation ​(a) in​ slope-intercept form and ​(b) in standard form for the line passing through ​(−2,4) and parallel to x+3y=5.

I am stuck on this question on MyMath lab and keep getting it wrong. The last question they had me add 5 to both sides but I am so lost and I got the answer wrong " -x/4 + 17/4"  Can you PLEASE... more


What is the standard form of 9.353×10 over four

9.353 x 104


What is the standard form of 32.12

Standard form


For question 1 convert and for question 2 write a polynomial function

1.) Convert cos(3pi/4) + isin(3pi/4) into rectangular form.           2.) Write a polynomial function, f(x), in standard form of least degree with real coefficients whose roots are 3 and 4i.


Write the equation in standard form:

given the following equation of the ellipse in general form, 3x^2+y^2-6x+4y+4=0, complete the square to write the equation in standard form.


how do you put y=-4/6x-2 in standard form?

would the negative sign go with the numerator or denominator when you multiply all the terms by the denominator


x-4y+12=0 to y=mx+b

If this equation is -4y=-x-12 why is the next step y=x/4+12/4. I thought the 4 and 12 was suppose to be negative since i rearranged the equation


Write an equation in standard form that expresses the number of tickets left at the radio station, y , as a function of the number of hours past, x ?

A radio station gave away concert tickets every hour yesterday. At the end of the third hour, the station had 336 tickets left. At the end of the sixth hour, the station had 288 tickets left.Write... more


the graph of 2x+y=2 is a line L through the points (0,2) and (1,0). Describe the graph of 2x+y is greater than or equal to 2.

I've been stuck on this question and I do not know how to answer it.   The options are:   A) Half-plane containing the L as its boundary and containing the origin. B) Half-plane containing the... more
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