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Standard Form Algebra General Form


How do I solve this question?

The straight line ax + y = b passes through the points (-1,1) and (-5,4). The product of the two numbers a and b rounded to two decimal places is_______.
Standard Form Math Algebra 1


What are the values of a, b, and c for the equation 5x- 3y= -30

I understand that a and b cannot be negative, but in the problem given they are. Could someone help explain how to find the values with them being positive. 5x-3y=-30
Standard Form


slope is -2, and (4, 3) is on the line

Standard Form Algebra 1 Linear Equations


Confusion on Practice Sheet

5x+y2=25 (Not a linear equation because any exponent higher than one is "an issue) 8+y=4x (is a linear equation but I don't know how to put it in standard form, please help?) 9xy-6x=7 (not a linear... more
Standard Form Prealgebra


Rounding to the nearest ten in standard form

Rhode island has about three hundred fifty-six thousand acres forested land. What is this number in standard form rounded to the nearest ten thousand?A 350,000B 400,000C 360,000D 356,000
Standard Form Elementary Math


What is the answer 2 thousands + 12 hundreds


Standard form of 26/5

Standard Form Algebra 2


what are the x-and y-intercepts of the graph of -7x+4y=-14?

1) x-intercept:2y-intercept: -3.52) x-intercept: -2y-intercept: 3.53) x-intercept: -7y-intercept: 44) x-intercept:7y-intercept: -4
Standard Form Algebra 2


Which of the following is an equation of a vertical line?

1) -4=16x2) 4x+5y=-13) 3y=-94) 4x+5y=0
Standard Form Math Linear Algebra


which of the following equation are non linear?

which of the following equations are non-linear?a) y = -4x^2 - 7 b) 7 x - 9y = 118 c) -5/3x = 2y d) y = 5x^3 + 8x e) y = 9x + 2 and for each linear equation, rewrite in standard form.
Standard Form Algebra 2


The equation in standard form is...

The line has the same slope as 2x-y=3 and the same y-intercept as the graph of 3y-10x=9.The equation in standard form is...
Standard Form Algebra 2 Quadratic


How do I know which numbers to enter for the smaller and larger value?

Fnd two x intercepts (smaller and larger x value) for the quadratic function f(x)=-x^2+2x+5
Standard Form Geometry Parabola


How do I write the standard form when a graph is given?

Write the standard form of the graph with the points (0,3) and (-2,-1).
Standard Form Algebra 1


how do i write this expression into standard form? (4+6i)-(-2+i)

Standard Form Algebra 2


lxl -3=0 I need to write this equation in standard for. How do I do this?

Standard Form Polynomials


what is the polynomial in standard form with zeros of 4,1,0,0?

asap what is the polynomial in standard form with zeros of 4,1,0,0
Standard Form


Through(2,-4), slope=-1

Standard Form Parabola Equation


Write an equation of a parabola in standard form using a focus and directrix.

A parabola has a focus of (3,6) and the directrix is y=2. What is the equation for the parabola in standard form?

Write an equation ​(a) in​ slope-intercept form and ​(b) in standard form for the line passing through ​(−2,4) and parallel to x+3y=5.

I am stuck on this question on MyMath lab and keep getting it wrong. The last question they had me add 5 to both sides but I am so lost and I got the answer wrong " -x/4 + 17/4"  Can you PLEASE... more
Standard Form


What is the standard form of 9.353×10 over four

9.353 x 104
Standard Form


What is the standard form of 32.12

Standard form
Standard Form Slope


Write an equation in standard form of the line that passes through the point (-3,2) and has the slope -6.

Needed for school.  


For question 1 convert and for question 2 write a polynomial function

1.) Convert cos(3pi/4) + isin(3pi/4) into rectangular form.           2.) Write a polynomial function, f(x), in standard form of least degree with real coefficients whose roots are 3 and 4i.


Write the equation in standard form:

given the following equation of the ellipse in general form, 3x^2+y^2-6x+4y+4=0, complete the square to write the equation in standard form.
1 3 4 5 6 7

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